Access Control Systems For Commercial Buildings

Access Control Systems

Learn what are access control systems for commercial buildings and which one should you install in your commercial property.

Generally, access control systems refer to any mechanism that is used to restrict or allow access to and from a building or a certain area in that same building. The simplest and most commonly used access control system is the lock and brass key set we have been all using for as long as we can remember.

Today, we are looking at a plethora of complex solutions in the form of electronic cards and keypad-based locks. Basically, they are all powered by computers and electronic systems and they successfully replace the classic brass key for added convenience and protection. You cannot lose, misplace or have a keypad access control system stolen. It is, however, possible, to lose an access card. Nonetheless, the additional layers of security that have been added to these systems should ensure sufficient protection against potential intruders. For example, the need to type in a unique numerical code in order to be granted access into a building on top of using an access card.

Want to learn more about these access control systems for commercial buildings? This brief guide should help you get a better understanding of them in no time.

How Does An Access Control System Work?

These systems are used for their fast and convenient access granting features. Authorized personnel can easily have their credentials checked without the need of any third parties such as security guards. This saves precious resources and can also significantly streamline the process. On the other hand, people who are not authorized to enter a building will have their access instantly restricted, again with no external intervention required. If you are managing a commercial building with hundreds of employees who come to work every day, an access control system will prove to be extremely useful.

It is your duty as a business manager to determine what is the most reliable system in terms of features and complexity. No matter what brand you might choose, know that a card access control system usually encompasses some mandatory elements:

  • Card readers

  • Access cards

  • Keypads

  • Electric hardware for the locks

  • Server

  • Intelligent controllers

Each of these components plays a critical role in the normal functioning of a card access system, as follows:

Card readers can read access cards and they come in one of two forms:

  • Proximity card readers that require the cards to be held 3" to 6" from the reader

  • Insertion card readers that are self-explanatory and require the cards to be introduced into the reader

Keypads that are used together with card readers or as their replacements. They feature numeric keys similar to the ones on your phone and they require users to type in the right access code in order to unlock a door or a gate. When these keypads are used together with card readers, users are asked to go through a double security check, using both the access card and the numeric code.

Access cards that play the role of electronic keys that are used to access a restricted access building or area. They are used on secured doors and they have one-of-a-kid access codes that are difficult to break or replicate.

Electric hardware used for locking and unlocking electrical locks managed through the access control system. They range from electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, exit devices that run on electrical current and the list goes on. It is best to have expert locksmiths that specialize in commercial services install, manage and repair all electric lock hardware. These locks must comply with local, state and federal fire requirements. They must not restrict, under any circumstance, people's ability to exit a building in case of emergency.

Intelligent controllers are also referred to as field panels, these devices are used to interconnect all of the elements of an access control system. They are used for processing all of the specific access activity inside a commercial building. Their number depends on the number of doors that you must control access for.

Server computers are considered the main database responsible for managing all activities. They also play the role of a file manager and they can record all activity and dissipate data and information from all intelligent controllers.

Only Hire Professional Locksmith Services To Install An Access Control System

If you already have an access control system you need new electric keys for, call a commercial lock technician like the ones in our team. We can assess the exact needs of your system and recommend the best solutions in terms of keys, exit bars, panic buttons, video surveillance, card readers and more. We can also install complete access card systems for you and introduce you to their features and advantages.

If you are looking yo install an access control system to beef up security on your commercial building, make sure you top it with a complex surveillance solution as well. Make sure all doors, gates, and entryways are properly secured with sturdy deadbolt locks and make sure you have a running control field panel and a powerful server computer so your system is complete. The software will need to meet the particular building parameters where the system will be installed and working with authorized locksmiths should ensure your access system will be running hassle-free in no time. Set up the automatic door unlock feature according to your needs and decide upon the most suitable reporting solutions.

Call today for fast, affordable and professional locksmiths for access control system installation and maintenance!

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