The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Window Bars

Window Bars

Today, we decided to throw some light on the mater of window bars or window grills and their main advantages and drawbacks. If you have never used them before, grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and read on. If you have already made up your mind and you are looking for expert window bar installations services in town, give us a call. We specialize in all types of window bards and grills and we charge some of the most affordable prices in the area.

Windows are the eyes to your house, the portal that lets natural sun rays and light in, creating a beautiful mood that completes your décor, waking you up in the morning and bringing joy into your life, especially if you have beautiful scenery to admire every day through the transparent frames. However and unfortunately, windows can be more inviting than you might want them to be. Along with front doors, windows are the main point of attraction for home burglars trying to make their way into a house. While it might sound like a no-brainer, too many people go to sleep at night without locking or closing their doors and windows. They are practically sending out an open invitation to neighborhood robbers lurking around, trying their luck. A simple glance at the national home burglary statistics is proof enough that the strategy works.

Advantages Of Using Window Bars

Window BarsHigh-quality window grills are made of solid and thick materials that can successfully withstand a series of breaking, kicking in or shouldering attempts to open a window. If you live in a town with high property crime rates or there have been a number of neighborhood crimes you would like to protect yourself against, window bars are an excellent deterrent against property criminals.

The majority of windows do not require a lot of effort to break, so unless you know for sure you have beak-proof windows around the house, you should seriously consider window grill installation for enhanced protection for you, your loved ones and your prized possessions.

Add some small-keyed locks to them and you will enjoy even more protection.

Besides doing a good job at keeping potential intruders away, window bars are also good at keeping your children safe from accidental falls. If you have pieces of furniture that are placed near your windows, your smart children could easily use them to climb up and unlock the window or lean in through an open window and fall out. Having window bars installed means you will no longer need to worry about such dramatic occurrences happening.

Another advantage of opting for these grills comes from the fact that they are a lot more affordable compared to expensive home alarm systems.

Drawbacks Of Using Window Bars

One of the major cons related to the use of window bars comes from the fact that, provided a home fire would start and you would need to immediately evacuate the premises, you would have a more difficult time using the windows for it. Also, the same goes for the firemen who would try to enter your home and put out the fire through the windows. Their precious help would be delayed considerably as they would need to use a chainsaw or something else to make their way into your home.

Another discouraging factor that might make you change your mind concerning these bars is the fact that they are not the most aesthetically pleasing home additions you could opt for. Home window bard or grills will give your property the look of a confined space and take away the charm and curb appeal of your place. Also, a sturdy window bar would also obstruct your regular view, especially if it is not installed the right way, by a professional locksmith. If you are not ready to say goodbye to those gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, watch the kids play in the yard while looking out the window and letting the fresh air come in every day, window bars and grills may not be the thing for you.

Nonetheless, we encourage all homeowners to seriously ponder all the pros and the cons associated with window bar installation and try to focus more on security arguments and less on curb appealing. Safety should always come first and having quality, commercial-grade locks on the doors and safety grills on the ground-floor windows should be bare minimum safety measures for any homeowner.

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