Tips On How To Fix And Care For Your Antique Locks

Antique Lock Repair

If you are looking to bring back the lost functionality and design in your broken antique locks, the 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team is here to assist you. We specialize in the entire array of residential and commercial lock repairs and fitting and we can assist you with changing all the locks on your hotel or guesthouse or install an old, Victorian-style lock you have purchased for your front door.

Antique locks that are too worn out to function normally and old locks that have suffered various damages can usually be successfully restored by a professional locksmith.

Why Do You Need A Professional Locksmith For Your Antique-Locks?

First of all, an expert locksmith who is trained, licensed and experienced will make a huge difference in terms of quality service and skill. While you may be a “weekend handyman” who likes to fix broken things around the house, installing a lock on a door from scratch or re-keying a faulty lock is most likely out of your area of expertise. Locks are critically sensitive security solutions that could make or break the protection of your home, so it is important to only rely on people whose job is to install, fix or re-key locks.

Secondly, if you are not sure whether your antique lock need re-keying or replacement, or you need some new spare keys made, a lock technician will accurately assess and give you a trustworthy diagnosis, along with the best recommendations for your particular needs. At times, an old lock that tends to get jammed every now may simply require some additional lubrication; other times, a faulty part may need replacement, or the entire mechanism may need to be replaced. A good locksmith will know how to choose the most efficient and budget-friendly solution. Playing the guessing game when it comes to the safety of your home or business is never a good idea. You could risk causing more damage and leave your property vulnerable in the hands of potential intruders.

If you own or have recently purchased vintage cabinets or chests and you would like to professionally refurbish or restore them, a locksmith will assist you with your exact requirements and needs: missing key making, duplicate keys, broken or jammed key extraction, faulty lock mechanism repairs and so on. Our 24/7 mobile locksmiths are experts in the field of antique lock repairs and other old lock services. They can immediately evaluate, fix and replace any missing lock parts and keys and make sure to preserve the original appearance of your antique items.

Keep in mind not all locksmiths you will find online or online are familiar with the art of fixing and reconditioning antique locks. Do not fall into the trap of hiring someone inexperienced who does not possess the necessary tools or know-how to handle your exact locks.

How Are Old Lock Repairs Done?

Antique Lock Repair

Most old locks are handmade and this makes servicing them more complicated because of missing replacement parts that are hard to come by. More often than not, a locksmith will have to actually take the time to personally make some spares to replace the broken or worn-out parts inside your locks: cylinders, missing pins, bolts, strike plates or boxes. If your locks are also nicely embroidered with precious metals and rhinestones, a locksmith will also have to pay extra attention to the repair process so no damage is done to the lock's design and aesthetics.

Also, a slipping doorknob or a jammed latch inside the door are issues that will require the locksmith to remove the lock, have it disassembled, cleaned and fixed. Another common issue with vintage locks is the fact that using them in the long term while a set screw is loose will usually cause damage to the spindle. A lock technician will first attempt to tighten the set screw to fix the problem. If this does not solve it, they will proceed to replace the old spindle with a new one.

When further repairs need to be made or the spindle requires replacement, the locksmith will pull out the lock mechanism from the mortise hole and use a screwdriver to remove the lock from the wood.
At times, the lock technician will need to have the latch reversed so that it can close the opposite way. For this, the locksmith will need to slowly remove the latch, keep the rest of the parts in place and place the latch back this time with the angled end in the opposite direction.

What Else Can A Locksmith For Antique Lock Do?

Whether you need an old set of vintage locks to be completely refurbished or you want your old locks to be fitted on your newly bought house, a locksmith will have no problem assisting you with your custom needs. Locksmiths for residential or commercial clients can also help you secure your holiday inn or cozy hotel with a vintage design with the antique locks of your choice. Other services that are part of any good locksmith's portfolio are small repairs, lock lubrication services, old lock key making, smart or electronic keypad lock installation in addition to vintage knobs and locks and more.

Antique Lock Repair Costs

The following factors will influence the final bill when hiring a locksmith for antique locks:

  • The service fees and lock repair costs

  • The type of antique lock you need help with

  • The cost of the replacement parts and any additional restoration assistance your locks may require

  • Any special tools used for vintage key duplication

  • The time of the day when you hire the service

Get in touch with us for a fast, reliable and affordable locksmith for old lock services and get more peace of mind knowing your precious locks will be handled by pros.

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