What You Need To Know About Apartment Security

High rise apartment security

Living in the city can have its perks: close proximity to the best bars and restaurants, easy access to public transportation, and hopefully less of a commute to work. There's nothing quite like owning or renting an apartment in a high-rise with great views and friendly neighbors just down the hall. For all it's admirable qualities though, living inside a large city can also pose some dangers. Rates of burglary, theft, and even violent crime are higher in inner cities and ever-increasing. It's important to take the necessary measures to ensure that your apartment is properly protected.

Being Prepared: A list of tips for reducing your risk of a break-in

  1.  Intercom systems- If your apartment building was built within the last 20 years, chances are, it has already been equipped with an intercom system. These could be considered your first line of defense when it comes to keeping uninvited parties out of your building. It is important that these systems receive regular maintenance so that you can clearly hear and/or see the person wanting to gain access to the building. Old or poorly functioning intercom systems that are frequently out of service may encourage building tenants to leave the door unlocked for convenience. This is a very undesirable option, as it leaves all other tenants more vulnerable to a break-in. 
  2. Deadbolts- In addition to standard knob or handle locks, deadbolts provide a more durable lock hold and decrease the likelihood of your door being forced open. Unlike spring locks, deadbolts are unable to be retracted without a key and thus, are a more reliable security option.
  3. Swing locks- Swing locks or chain locks provide an extra measure of security and provide one option for being able to see who is at the door before unlocking the door completely. These locks allow you to open the door a few inches, while the lock is still engaged but hold the door closed enough that a person could not gain entry into your apartment. These also provide one more mechanism that makes it difficult to force open a door.
  4. Door Peepholes- Having a peephole installed in your door gives you one more opportunity to see the person who wants to come into your home before opening the door. 
  5. Installing New Locks- When moving into a previously owned apartment, you never know who could have a key to your home. Landlords, previous tenants or neighbors could easily gain access to you, your family, and all your things if they simply held on to the key they were given. Installing new locks or at least having your locks rekeyed is one of the easiest ways to increase the security of your home. 
  6. Alarm systems- Alarms for apartments are just as important if not more important that alarms for houses. Home security systems are major deterrents to intruders and also provide you with a connection to security companies who will contact you in the event that something happens to your home while you are away.

Higher standards for security: Apartments vs. Houses

Because crime rates within cities are so high, apartment security needs to be approached with even greater stringency. Apartment security is not as simple as a few external locks. It is a more complex system that must integrate both the security of individual residences and the safety of the entire building. It is important that you enlist the help of a professional to assess your specific security needs and be sure that all vulnerabilities are accounted for and addressed. Don't leave your home security in the hands of just anyone. You deserve to work with experienced professionals with fair rates and customized solutions.

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