The Top Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scam

locksmith scam

Locksmith scams have been on the rise in the last few years. These scammers often target home and vehicle owners when they are helpless and stuck in an emergency situation. 

Most people believe that it is the quickest option to look for a local locksmith simply by searching online. However, they never realize that most of the locksmith scammers are located online and project themselves as professional locksmiths to scam people by cheating them of their money.

In several cases, such illegal locksmiths don’t have local shops but only work as freelancers. In fact, they have not done appropriate training as locksmiths at all.

In order not to fall prey to such untrained and fraudulent locksmiths to solve your lock issues, it is imperative that you take some time out to research the company. Here are a few of the effective tips that you must follow before looking for a locksmith service:

Search for a Local Locksmith

In order to make sure that a certain locksmith company is reliable or not is by researching them in advance. You must call them and ask the necessary questions in order to know about their services in detail.

Be cautious if a locksmith answers your call by using a broad phrase such as, ‘locksmith services,’ instead of a specific company name. If a locksmith company is hesitant to give you any specific name, take it as a clue that you are dealing with fraudulent people.

Always search for a locksmith with a local address. Get in touch with them and inquire about their location and services and confirm the location so that you know if it’s fake or not. In addition, be extra cautious if a locksmith company is only making use of a toll number rather than a local number. Locksmiths with a phone number starting with 800 are often an out-of-state call center.

Verify Identification and License of Locksmiths

When the locksmith reaches your destination, always request their identification number including a license if necessary. About 15 states need locksmith licensing and locksmiths who advertise their company without appropriate licensing are considered illegal.

A professional locksmith will also ask for your identification before working on your locks to make sure that they are working in the right place. You should become alert if a locksmith has arrived in an unmarked car or if they have used a vehicle with a company name that is different from the one you have hired.

Inquire About the Cost Estimate

Locksmith scam

Unprofessional and untrained locksmiths often offer to work at low prices, ranging from $15 to $40 in order to attract new clients who will want to hire them for their poor service and pay them the hiked price later. After being hired, these locksmiths claim that the work is complicated and will cost more than what they have previously discussed.

The locksmith cost includes the cost of equipment, transportation, and the job itself. Skilled professionals will never quote a low price; therefore, it is necessary that you request for the estimate before hiring a locksmith. Take it as a warning sign if a locksmith company hesitates to provide an estimate.

Ask About Extra Charges

It is always prudent to inquire about any additional charges for services such as urgent cases, special services, and mileage before you hire the locksmith to work on your lock issues.

The fraudsters might examine your locks and state that they are damaged or provide low-security, and need to be replaced. They confuse the customer and frighten them by saying that their lock is not providing the necessary security. They will request a large sum of money for a low-cost lock that they will advertise as a high-security and advanced lock.

Locksmiths who are trained are real professionals and don’t try these cheap tactics. They know what they are doing and will also brief the client on how they will conduct the job to their satisfaction.

It is best to ask the locksmith company about all the extra charges that might occur. If they are professional and reliable, they will tell you about additional charges that might be included.

Take Note of Varying Bids

If the on-site cost of the locksmith charges varies from the estimate provided over the phone, don’t hesitate to reject their services. Most fraudulent locksmiths ask for payment after performing a poor job or multiplying the bill and making threats to go to the police or file a case if you don’t agree to pay.

If you face such issues, don’t worry; let them go to the police and lodge a complaint. Trustworthy locksmith professionals will never indulge in such cheap practices. They deal with their clients politely and remain honest from the very beginning in order to avoid such mishaps.

Locksmiths who threaten people are usually not professionals and don’t even carry appropriate certifications to work ethically.

Don’t Allow the Locksmith to Drill Your Lock

If you are in a lockout situation and your locksmith is persistent to drill or replace your lock, don’t let them. In general, drilling is applicable to advanced and highly secure locks. Most skilled locksmiths have all the skills and equipment to unlock even the most adamant lock.

If you have dealt with a locksmith company that has charged you a lot of money for a small task, chances are that you have been scammed. It is best that you get in touch with 24/7 ASAP Locksmith today. We offer car, residential and commercial locksmith services.

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