Biometric Locks – A Look Into The Future

Learn about biometric locking systems and the way they could change the way we control access to our homes. 

A number of industries have started to rely on biometric security solutions during recent years. The reason is easy to guess: everyone is looking for enhanced protection for their businesses and homes through any means possible. Biometrics is extremely difficult to copy or get hacked, which automatically makes it superior to the soon-to-be-obsolete metal key approach. Fingerprint and iris scans that enable access to buildings, warehouses, research laboratories, server rooms, or homes are common occurrences in the world of biometric security systems. We also have smart homes that allow smartphone users to control the temperature, humidity, music, or ovens, or unlock their homes using Bluetooth, NFC, and other proximity sensors. Accordingly, today's locksmiths need to be one step ahead of new technologies and provide top of the line services to the modern man. While physical keypads will continue to offer the necessary backup for smart locks, they are not mandatory, nor they are the main ways in which we access our homes anymore.

Biometrics And Consumer Devicesbometric lock

Long gone are the days when the only way we could see an iris scanner was in an action movie with spies and secret underground labs. Biometric technology is now part of many of the devices that are currently manufactured to serve the rapidly-changing needs of consumers. We can now buy state-of-the-art smartphones that feature scanners for fingerprints, or iris scanners and face recognition options. We no longer need to use locks and keys to manage access to our homes. We can control individual rooms around the house, or grant temporary access codes to home guests, contractors, or delivery services

Biometric locks are an important part of today's smart home trend. Prices are dropping and more people can afford to invest in keyless locks for doors and other similar devices. A fingerprint lock enables access to separate rooms, so metal keys that can get easily lost or stolen are no longer needed. While most of these locks come with simple instructions that are easy to follow by consumers, the expertise of a lifelong locksmith will always make a difference. Proper installation will ensure there will be no vulnerabilities to disrupt the normal functioning of the system.

Advantages Of Biometric Lock Systems

There are lots of reasons why you could consider using a keyless biometric lock for your home or office. For starters, there are not a lot of issues that usually arise with this type of locks. Since there is no wear-and-tear factor to consider, and no physical malfunction caused by improper use, repairs will be less frequent. Nevertheless, experienced locksmith near me service for homes or commercial businesses like ours should have no problem fixing a broken biometric lock that has stopped working. There is also the option of a biometric lock that can be used together with an old deadbolt.

Secondly, the lock mechanism is extremely easy to use by even the least technology-savvy person. Fingerprint locks will automatically store several fingerprints on them, so there will be no need for any access codes to be remembered. Once a fingerprint is not a perfect match for any of the stored prints on a lock, the respective individual will have their access denied to the building.

Needless to say, this type of system can provide a much higher level of protection compared to the flawed lock and key combo. It is also possible to grant temporary fingerprint access to company partners, home guests, and other people who do not live or work in your building on a permanent basis. A skilled locksmith can also recommend a biometric lock system that incorporates app integration with the help of advanced wireless or Bluetooth technologies. This means that in case of a failed fingerprint authorization, a phone app will grant access to the building instead of triggering a fallback solution. Keypads that can be used during emergencies are also available, along with other additional features.

What The Future Of Biometric Locks Holds

The advent of technologies and the continuous improvement of hardware and software will soon allow us to witness more advanced biometric solutions for enhanced security. Iris scanners and facial recognition devices will become more popular in the upcoming years, as the costs of manufacturing them will go down. There will also be more options at hand, and the accuracy and speed of the fingerprint recognition process will also improve.

Locksmiths will also go from the simple lock installation handymen to genuine security experts who will meet the growing biometric lock demand. They will specialize in the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Smart homeowners currently have a series of security solutions that allow them to use keyless door locks for extra protection and convenience. But for those of you who would like to wait for these technologies to specialize, even more, there is always the alternative of advanced commercial-grade locks.

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