5 Incredible Tips To Burglar-Proof Your Front Door

front door burglary

How often would you say you normally assess your home's security and actually do something to beef up protection? Front door security impacts your overall home security in a big way. Find out what you can do to better protect your home against potential burglars and intruders with these next tips. The 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team is here to assist with advice and practical help.

Anyone Can Be A Victim

Once you start to acknowledge the true level of risk you are subjected to when it comes to home invasions or home break-ins, you will most definitely start being more proactive with regards to your home security needs.

Unfortunately, no area is 100% safe, and simply because you live in a neighborhood or city that is considered safer than other areas does not mean you should sleep peacefully at night and hope for the best. This is especially true if you cannot remember when was the last time when you had your front door lock checked by a locksmith or upgraded to a higher security level.

With extremely skilled and experienced burglars who know how to cheat some of the most advanced security systems on the market, it would appear that no home is safe anymore. FBI statistics speak about a home falling victim to a burglary every 14 seconds in the US alone. Find out what you can do to avoid turning into their next victim.

Tip #1: Keep Your Front Door Locked All The Time

  • This piece of advice might sound like something a little too obvious, but you will be surprised to know just how many people go to sleep with the front door unlocked or even wide open. One of the simplest and most effective means of burglar-proofing your front door is, therefore, a simple common-sense solution.

  • Remember - an open door will always be an open invitation for an opportunist neighborhood thief who will seek any chance to make his way in. You may be familiar with the con-artists who pretend to be plumbers or insurance agents offering to assess your home for free in an attempt to make their way in and scan your valuables. Some of them will come back at night and try to make their way in using the front door if they notice you have the habit of not locking it every time, or if they see a poor quality lock on the door and no security camera or system in place.

  • Use curtains on your front door windows, if any, to prevent passers-by from freely and clearly seeing your possessions. The temptation is high and the last thing you want to do is to personally invite a burglar into your home by displaying what they could take off with.

Tip #2: Test And Replace Worn-Out Locks

5 tips for burglary preventionIf you have been living in the same house for many decades and you cannot remember when was the last time you had the locks assessed by a professional locksmith, we warmly advise you to pick up the phone and give them 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team a call. We specialize in all types of residential locksmith services and we can help you decide if your locks need replacing or re-keying, and which new types of locks would best fit your new security needs. This is another excellent way to burglar-proof a front door without putting in too much effort into it.

Metal keys tend to wear out from time to time. If you haven't tested your locks in a long time, your home has been recently broken into or you are a new homeowner and you would like to upgrade the security on your property, we are here to help. Allow us to recommend the best deadlocks or electronic locks for your front door and the materials it is made from.

Tip #3: Never Keep Spare Keys Under The Doormat

It's one of the first places a burglar is prone to look in their attempt to make their way into your home as quietly as possible. Fake rocks, garden midgets, doormats, plant pots – if you know about it, we guarantee there is at least one neighborhood burglar who knows about it too.

If you absolutely must store a spare key for your kids or spouse somewhere outside the house, or you wish to avoid stressful lockout situations, you could use a lockbox with a code on it. Share the code with someone you can put your trust in and rely on them to help you in case of emergency

Tip #4: Install Front Door Security Cameras

No burglar wishes to be under the spotlight when trying to break into your home. Picture a siren going off the second they try to pick your front door lock and the security camera tracks them. These cameras can be installed near main entrance areas and can capture the burglars in the act during day and night. They can also send you notifications to your phone the moment someone enters your home when you are not there and without you knowing about it.

Contact our team here at 24/7 ASAP Locksmith and we will come and offer you the most suited security camera for your home to keep you safe.

Tip #5: Use Motion Detectors To Burglar-Proof Front Door

Motion detectors can successfully keep potential intruders at bay with the help of infrared energy. With light beams being sent out from the sensors, setting the alarm off (which we can also install for you if needed) and instantly notifying you and your neighbors, burglars will have almost no chance of getting in, or out, without being noticed.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible and let us secure your front door and install a mortise deadlock for further front door protection. We also recommend you to install a front entry light over the main entryway and have all of your security devices installed by professionals like us.


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