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Have you lost the keys to your car? Can't unlock your car and drive to work in the morning?  Are you stranded outside your vehicle in the middle of nowhere, late at night, because of an accidental car lockout, with no spare key to use? Call (888) 979-7923 now!

We are available 24 hours a day for any emergency locksmith call and we can reach you in less than half an hour, no matter where in the US you may be. Our mobile, authorized and experienced crews can instantly laser cut a new set of keys for you and reprogram a new fob and transponder key no matter what car brand and model you might be driving. While this is one of the most demanding services our technicians are asked to do, our many years of experience in the industry, unlimited access to the most advanced key programming and key cutting tools and rich know-how allow us to handle every car key replacement job on the spot. Keep in mind that a poorly done key cutting job with the use of outdated technology will usually result in a key getting stuck in the ignition switch, forcing you to rehire an emergency car locksmith service again. Why waste precious time, energy, and money on a poor car key replacement job that will cause more trouble than good when you could hire our expert mobile locksmith teams near you?

We know how crucial it is to be able to have a reliable locksmith that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long, ready to reach any location in the United States in less than half an hour. Lost car key problems are emergencies when you do not have any spare to use and duplicate, so total key replacement is necessary. Depending on the brand, make and model of the vehicle you need assistance with, the car key replacement could cost more and take longer to be completed. This is where our expert certified locksmiths come into the picture. Here is what to expect from a professional car locksmith service:  

  • 24/7 roadside car key replacement emergencies

  • laser car key cutting for laser type keys

  • key cutting with or without VIN number

  • classic and flip key cutting solutions

  • transponder and fob key programming

  • spare sets of keys

  • domestic, European and other non-American brands covered

The 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team is your go-to expert in all car lock, key and ignition matters. If you are currently looking for an emergency locksmith to help you with a missing key problem at your current location, out of town, look no further. Ideally, our technicians will use the vehicle's VIN number to rapidly cut a new key without too much hassle. While this will incur some additional costs with the unique VIN code generation online software, it will also guarantee that you will benefit from fully professional and flawless results. Only rely on high-precision laser key cutting equipment that will help you regain access to your vehicle and get back behind the wheel in no time. At times, we may need to use special tools such as punching keys, double rods or belts and guide pins. We will carefully assess the exact problem you are dealing with and quickly figure out what is the ideal solution, given all the circumstances and any custom details.

When You Need 24-Hour Roadside Car Key Replacement Services

Transponder keysIf you cannot get access to the VIN for your car, our technicians will use their advanced experience and know-how in the industry and identify it for you. The VIN is a code made of seventeen digits 17-that is unique for each vehicle. Each of the code's section offers certain information regarding the car, including the manufacturing country, year and factory, the vehicle's serial number, make and model. The code is normally displayed on a single line. In order to find this VIN on your car, our technicians will carefully inspect the dashboard's front or underneath the hood, on the front of the engine block, as well as the front end of the frame, just to name just a few of the potential locations.

For quicker results, we can also rely on special reading tools used to read the tumbler's depth. We may also decide to disassemble the lock for manual key fitting. Removing a high-security automated lock on a vehicle is a complex process that not all locksmiths can do. Make sure you give us a call and let us provide you with expert services every time.

Find The Most Competitive Car Key Replacement Prices In Town

We specialize in providing your with flawless lost keys to car replacement solutions on the spot, nationwide, thanks to our fast and highly-responsive mobile teams. We can cut new keys and program transponder blanks for you at some of the cheapest prices in town. We rely on the most advanced laser car key cutting tools in the industry, which helps us significantly cut the intervention time on any job and lower our costs. This will reflect in competitive car key replacement prices we invite you to take a look at on our website pages. For more information on the service fees we charge or to get your own free, no-obligation car key cutting price quote, give out friendly customer support call now.

Get in touch with us now and allow us to send over the nearest emergency car locksmith for replacement keys who can reach you in less than 30 minutes.

What Customers Say About Us

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Mark G.
Crockett Blvd

The keys to my office went missing, just disappeared last night. I was so frustrated, besides for being embarrassed in front of my employees, I also didn’t want to lose money due to the delay. I called for a locksmith and Justin came over straight away, he suggested re-keying the lock, in case my keys were stolen, I thought this was a great idea, and that’s what we did, he then made new keys for me on the spot.

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Tyler Goodman
Wilshire Blvd

My office is in Los Angeles and I often need to meet people. So the day my office door stopped to work, I was both sad and upset. My secretary called for me 247 ASAP Locksmiths and I was pleased from the fast job and professional education the guy from Locksmiths have. My work day was safe!

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Sophia Tucker
98th Street

Unexpected situations are always embarrassing and upsetting… especially if you have no time at all! When I realized my garage door wasn’t working I nearly got a heart attack! After a few minutes, I got a great idea and I called 247 ASAP Locksmiths: the guys arrived on time and did an excellent job!