Car Theft Statistics

Find out the latest statistics on car theft and learn what are the smartest car safety measures to keep your vehicle safe 24/7. 

If you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or Anchorage, Alaska, you should probably call your car locksmith/dealer/mechanic, or go straight to the nearest shop that sells car safety systems and do a system upgrade on your vehicle. Not to alarm you too much, but these are three of the top cities where car theft is at its peak. Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau speaks about incredibly high per-capita rates of vehicle theft in these cities and a few others in the US. And California seems to be the ultimate leader during the last decade. Five of the top ten regions where car theft is in bloom are part of the state of California.

General national statistics are not looking any better either. Automotive theft appears to total around 800,000 cars and trunks that are being reported stolen on a yearly basis. While the numbers are significantly smaller compared to the records from two decades ago, they remain alarmingly large.

Smart Car Lock And Key Technologies

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One of the explanations why official statistics indicate smaller numbers of stolen cars during recent years is through the existence of smart locks and key fobs. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, when car parts are marked and the engines have immobilizers on, thieves find it more difficult to complete their “jobs”. The same goes for cars that have GPS systems and smart locks/keys installed. In order for these advanced security systems to do their job, they should be installed by professional automotive locksmiths with a lot of experience in the field. Car theft statistics display smaller cases of theft when drivers are more aware of their surroundings when parking their vehicles. The vigilance of police officers patrolling neighborhoods and drivers' mindfulness when locking their vehicles also lower the risk of theft.

Nevertheless, as many excellent advantages the latest smart technologies might bring us, they are also oftentimes the reason why lots of cars get stolen. Drivers tend to leave their keys behind them, locked inside their cars or stuck in the ignition switch without even realizing it. Keyless entry systems or keyless engine starters make car owners be less careful about the actions they complete when starting their cars or locking the doors. It does not take a lot to accidentally leave a car key behind in the small cup holder while running across the run to complete an errand. In order to prevent becoming part of the car theft statistics, make it a habit to constantly check your keys are on you every time you are getting ready to exit your vehicle and park.

Have Your Car Locks Periodically Inspected

Talk to a reliable car locksmith in your area or get in touch with us and schedule an appointment to have your car locks, keys, and ignition switch inspected for faults or signs of malfunction. Re-key locks that are worn-out and mildly damaged, or fit new sets of locks if your old ones are damaged beyond repair. You could also take advantage of the presence of an experienced and skilled locksmith and ask them to upgrade the security system on your car. If you are tired of using metal keys to manually lock and unlock your car, it may be time to make the switch to a key fob and transponder key system. Keep in mind these systems can be programmed at a fraction of the price that is normally charged by car dealers, so you will actually get to save money by performing these upgrades.

Small fixes on a key fob that is operated by a battery usually imply changing the worn-out battery. If this does not solve your key and lock problem, an authorized locksmith should open the door panel and have a few wires and parts replaced. Blown fuse problems are also common occurrences, and they can be quickly fixed with the help of well-trained lock technicians like us. We can handle any type of lock solenoid problem in a matter of minutes and safely pick any existing type of car lock, no matter what make or model you might be driving. Give us a call now if you are stuck out of your car in the middle of nowhere and we will send over one of your licensed and insured mobile teams to come to your rescue.

Car Theft Statistics: The Most Dangerous Cities For Your Car

If you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or you are planning to move here, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. The city was rated the leader in terms of car theft at a national level – for the second time in a row. According to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Bernalillo and its nearby counties gather around 10,000 car thefts a year. Needless to say, you should consider having car alarms, smart locks, and steering wheel or brake locks fitted on your car, truck, or four-wheeler as soon as possible if you live here.

The Alaskan city Anchorage records around 3,000 cases of auto theft a year, while Pueblo in Colorado or Redding, Bakersfield, Yuba City, or Modesto (all in California) are also part of the same top 10 of the most dangerous cities to own a car in.

No matter in which of these cities you may live, or what other parts of the US you may reside, you should add several security layers to your car, on top of using your common sense every time you get behind the wheel or are ready to park. Only park in areas with lots of artificial light and monitoring systems or security guards. Never leave the keys in the ignition/car, no matter how short of an errand you might be running. Always keep the windows closed and consider fitting quality anti-theft devices such as pedal locks and ignition switch killers.

For help applying any of these security measures, or any other lock-related issues, call a locksmith near you today!

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