Doggy Door Installation And Security

doggy door security

Do you need a new doggy door installed for your new pet? Looking for ways on how to secure a dog door from intruders? Wondering how to secure an electronic dog door? 24/7 ASAP Locksmith can assist you with expert installation and lock fitting services at a fraction of the cost of other locksmiths nearby.

Why Opt For Doggy Doors?

If you don't have doggy doors at your house yet you should know that they are an excellent added convenience to any home with a pet. Not only will they enable pets to enjoy more freedom of movement, but they will also save you the trouble of experiencing excrement related accidents inside the house or stressing about taking the dog out several times a day.

Unfortunately, these doors also come with a few drawbacks and risks. They are known to cause concern when it comes to burglars who will be able to access your home through this entryway. Opting for a more expensive and advanced model or even an electronic doggy door could make the worrying go away rather easily. Their designers took these dog door security risks into consideration and inserted enhanced features so you don't have to worry as much.

A small dog door might not be a reason for concern, whereas a larger one may allow someone to sneak in seamlessly and take off with your prized possessions. There is also the risk of someone inserting their hand inside the house through this opening and unlocking the back door. In other words, while these doors do come with a number of obvious benefits, they may also be riskier than you think.

Pet Doors With Security Features

doggy door installIf you are looking to install a new doggy door on your front door, you should contact an experienced locksmith. Avoid any problems and faults during the installation process so you can prevent any security vulnerabilities. While your yard may be surrounded by a protective fence for your furry friends to be roaming around with zero hassle, potential critters and intruders may also be allowed to get in.

The majority of today's pet doors come with a cover for keeping animals inside the house or outside of it. This, however, would not be able to stop determined burglars form making their way in. investing in a late model pet door that has advanced built-in security features. These features range from hinges and keyholes that will allow you to lock the doggy dog from the interior. You could also come across a pet door that has a combination lock system installed for enhanced protection. However, these doors may prevent your pets from enjoying their freedom. If you would rather opt for a simpler doggy door and strengthen security on it on your own, here is what you can do.

How To Secure a Dog Door From Intruders

  • Get the right size for your doggy door. A door that is too large for your small-sized pet will not do you any good, but it will prove to be extremely helpful for burglars who could use pepper sprays to hurt your barking dog. Do not rely on the fact that your dog will protect you in case of danger. Burglars are smart and they use a variety of items to make their way in. If you own a pedigree dog, you may even risk having it stolen through a large-sized doggy door. Make sure you only buy the necessary size for this door so your dog can safely get in and out without getting stuck and not an inch wider.
  • Have steel covers with combination locks installed for you. There are many advanced doggy door solutions that will help you increase protection. The good news is they do not cost an arm and a leg and they can be easily installed by following a few simple instructions. For more peace of mind, you could also have a professional locksmith like the one parts of our team assist you with your locking dog door. You could choose to have a pet door cover that features a 4-digit combination lock and 12-gauge steel fitted. Make sure you opt for a model with sturdy hinges so the door cannot be easily dismantled.
  • RFID chip-based electronic doggy doors that are operated by your pet's collar appear to be the safest solutions. No pests, critters, and intruders should be able to find their way in through these doors. These doors rely on a radio frequency that communicates with a tab located on the dog's collar. Every time the dog will get near the door, it will automatically trigger the sensor in the doggy door and make it open. Logistically, this is one of the safest burglarproof doggy door models.

What Else Can You Do?

Install the doggy door in a place where passers-by or potential burglars will have a more difficult time noticing it. The back door is a good solution here, as it will prevent potential intruders from choosing your home as their next target.

Remember to always use the locking mechanism on the doggy door and the locking cover when you are away. Place the lock higher if you can fit your hand through the opening and reach it - if you can so can the burglar.

You could also use a “beware of dog” sign in your yard and make sure it is easily and clearly visible for people passing by. This is an excellent deterrent for most burglars who will want to avoid getting caught.

No matter what you choose to have for your beloved pet, be it an electronic doggy door or just a simple doggy door that fits it, be sure to call the 247 ASAP Locksmith team to come and assess the situation and offer you an affordable price for your doggy door installation needs.

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