Earthquake Safety Lockdown Tips From Expert Locksmiths

Earthquake Safety Lockdown

Besides the usual destruction they tend to leave behind, natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods or tornadoes leave homes and commercial buildings more susceptible to potential intruders.

If you live in an earthquake-prone area such as Alaska, Oklahoma or California, it is important to know how to keep your property safe in case of an emergency. Today we are going to reveal to you an efficient earthquake lockdown plan that should keep your place secured when fleeing it for safety reasons.

Earthquake Lockdown Plan

It is critical to know exactly how to prepare for a potential earthquake and cut the risk of break-in and damage considerably.

  • Prepare an emergency survival kit for each of the members of your household. Keep the kits somewhere safe and easy to grab in case of an earthquake. Add three gallons of water, prescription pills, snacks and pouch food, a first-aid kit, flashlights and batteries to the survival kit. Everyone inside the house must familiarize themselves with the contents of the kits and their exact location.

  • Keep a flashlight om your nightstand or beneath your bed so you can grab and use it straight away in case of an earthquake during the night.

  • Practice an earthquake emergency plan with the family, kids included. Make sure everyone knows how to act during the earthquake, how to use a mobile phone to call 911 after the earthquake is over, in case someone is injured inside the house and what are the safest earthquake hideouts.

  • See that the heavy furniture, wall hung art and bookshelves and your TV are accurately fastened so they do not fall off and hurt you or damage themselves during an earthquake or a tornado.

  • Make sure you have a properly working home alarm system so you can lower the risk of your home being burglarized after an earthquake. You will also be able to use an advanced security system to send out messages via email or text messaging and alert the people inside the house to seek immediate shelter during the earthquake. An expert locksmith can help you select the most reliable and efficient alarm system for your needs and budget. Make sure you choose a system that will also get in touch with the local emergency services and send assistance if necessary.

The Difference Make By Security Cameras During Earthquakes

Earthquake Safety LockdownIf you fear the safety of your small children, elderly relatives or pets, you could have a residential locksmith install a security camera system that features sensor cameras, microphones and live image broadcasting on your phone or computer. This will help you keep a close eye on them at all times and alert them in case of emergency or check their physical condition after an earthquake if you are not home with them. Plus, in case your home will be broken into after the earthquake, you will be able to show the recorded images to the police and improve your chances of retrieving your stolen goods.

How To Stay Safe During An Earthquake

It is essential to drop to the floor, seek cover under a sturdy piece of furniture such as a table and hold on to it. You can also use a bed or a couch, depending on how much time you have until the big wave hits. Remember to practice your earthquake plan at least once every few months so you can rest assured all the members of your family know just what to do in case of an emergency.

It is important to have sturdy locks on your entryways, ground-floor windows included for enhanced security on your property before and after the earthquake.

If an earthquake catches you outside the house, stay away from tall power lines, poles, and skyscrapers. If you are behind the steering wheel of your car or on a motorcycle, pull over straight away and look for the nearest shelter. If you cannot find one, look for open space.

What To Do After The Earthquake

After examining yourself and the rest of the household members for injuries and providing first aid to any victims, you may need to leave your house and go to the hospital, check up on your friends and relatives or seek shelter in case your home has been severely affected. Having a remote one-click lockdown solution will help you exit your home and secure it a lot faster. In case of emergency, every second count. If you are not sure how to shop for such a high-tech electrical system or how to install it, get in touch with an experienced locksmith. Our friendly team is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Before leaving the house, remember not to light any matches or turn the lights on to avid a gas leak causing an explosion. It only takes a small spark t cause an even bigger tragedy. Call 911 or get in touch with your gas provider's emergency service and let them know about the leak so they can immediately send over a mobile team. It is essential to use your cell phone to call for help once you are out of the house.

Remember smaller earthquakes are likely to occur after the big one has passed, so you will need to be prepared to seek shelter again. Having your survival kit on you at all times will help you treat any bleeding injuries, keep your health problems under control in case you are suffering from any chronic illnesses and stay hydrated until the emergency teams can reach you. 

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