History of Locksmiths: Your Leading Security Provider

The need for security and privacy is an inbuilt human trait. This inherent t desire to protect property and livelihood gave birth to locks. Locksmithing has played an important role throughout history whether fitting a simple lock or installing one of the latest and most secure lock systems in the world.

Locks are the simplest yet the most necessary means of security. You will find various types of locks on the market today, ranging from ones that are easy to break to tougher and reliable ones.  Even though locks provide you a sense of peace and protection, they may become the cause of concern if you lock yourself unintentionally out of your car or your home. In this type of situation, you are going to need a locksmith to get you out of the mess.

Who is a Locksmith?

Locksmith is a tradesman who is licensed to prepare, repair and install locks and keys. They will have spent a number of years studying locksmithing trade at a trade school. After receiving the appropriate certification, they become eligible to work as a locksmith.

Did you know that locksmithing is one of the oldest professions in the whole world? The locksmiths have a fascinating history that dates back to ancient Egypt. Let’s now take a look at the origins of locksmiths and how the trade became an integral part of the modern world.

History of Locksmiths

A majority of archaeological surveys indicate that numerous human civilizations had an interest in locks and keys. The first ever resemblance of something looked like a lock and key was found in ancient Egypt. According to experts, the lock appears to be a big wooden bolt with holes and could well be the forerunner of the fundamental pin-tumbler lock system that is still widely used today.

Locksmiths from other civilizations, especially from the Mediterranean region also produced crude lock and key systems to offer security to people. It has been believed that the Greeks were the first culture to use keyholes.

It was around the time when the Romans came into power that metal locks were introduced. This indicates that locksmiths, as we know them now, originated during this time. They were expert artisans who designed and prepared metal locks. The Romans produced simple forms of padlocks but created smaller keys as compared to the heavy ones that were created by earlier cultures. Locksmiths from Rome were also known for creating warded locks, numerous forms of which are still being used today.

The locksmithing trade becomes more popular in the 17th and 18th century in America and Europe. By this time, locksmithing had elevated to new heights and locksmiths became more experts in creating an improved and elaborate lock and key systems such as deadbolt locking system and the first combination locks for better security.

With the approach of the 19th and 20th centuries, the demand for locks and keys increased hugely and locksmiths were able to set up their own individual businesses to meet these growing demands. During this time a lot of innovative and secure lock and keys systems came into existence that is being still used today.

Locksmith Services: How Locksmiths Help You

A locksmith is a skilled professional who is an expert in the creation and removing of locks. You will find several kinds of locksmiths, each with specialized training in various fields and skills. Some of the most well-known services provided by locksmiths are:

  • They install locks: Whenever you are in a need to install locks anywhere in your property, you can ask for the help of a trained locksmith. They will provide you with all types of lock and key systems to suit your convenience.
  • They refurbish spoiled locks: Metal locks are subjected to wear and tear over time usually due to the formation of rust. Locksmiths are skilled artisans who repair the damaged locks and make them function perfectly once more.
  • They cut or create duplicate keys: If you have lost your keys, you don’t have to worry since locksmiths are trained to create duplicate copies. So, anytime you lose your keys, you don’t have to break the lock.
  • They remove or break locks: If you have lost your keys and you want to access your property without delay, you can seek the help of a locksmith. They can easily remove or break the lock as per your convenience.
  • They make special locks for better security: If you are looking for the better security of your expensive property and things, you can seek the locksmith services for creating specialized locks.

Locksmiths: For All Your Security Needs

The Making of new locks and picking of old locks is one of the oldest trades and has been around since civilization began. We, humans, need a sense of privacy and security, and what can better provide it than the security lock and key system. Lock and keys will be around for decades to come regardless of a rise or fall in the incidence of theft. The only thing that might change is the introduction of some new technologically advanced form of security, but even then people are likely to still need the simple lock...

Nowadays, locksmithing trade is not limited to only creating lock and keys. They are also skilled in conducting various other services such as repairing lock systems, creating duplicate keys and providing more secure locking systems. Whenever you are in the need of locksmith service for your personal needs, it is best to choose the ones that are not only professional but trustworthy as well.

Locksmiths are a vital part of our society as they make our place a better place to live in. They will be around for as long as there will be a need for security in this vulnerable world.


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