Are Smart Electronic Door Locks Safe?

Translated by Abha Vardhan (2018)


Advances in technology have made our lives easy and convenient. Innovative new products are slowly taking over and replacing the old in so many areas including traditional lock and key systems. That which once seemed like a dream is now a reality.

Incredibly you can now open the door of your house by using a chip, fingerprint or app. But, are the electronic door locks as safe as they are smart? Let’s find out more about this technology and ask if it’s worth embracing as, like all new things, every system has its own pros and cons.

How Does A Smart Door Lock Actually Work?

When you get back home after a hectic work day or stressful shopping trip, you want to get inside as quickly as you can, without burying your hand in your bag to search for the key. Having to do this not only adds to the stress but also makes you more impatient. However, the introduction of electronic door locks has eliminated the need for traditional keys. You can quickly open your door with an automatic signal. So, you don't have to worry about bringing or losing your keys anymore.

Depending on the type of electronic lock you have installed in your door, you can send the signal to open the door through your fingerprints, a transponder or app on your mobile phone. The majority of people prefer using the mobile app for unlocking their door since usually everyone carries a Smartphone with them all the time. Unlike a physical key, one cannot easily copy a key card and fingerprints are nearly impossible to replicate.

If you are wondering, what you will do if you don’t have your cell phone with you or if you have no battery, then there are alternative ways of getting into your house. Experts have also added system such as iris scanners and knock codes to their smart electronic locks as alternate means of entry.

What are the Advantages of Electronic Door Locks?

Undoubtedly, the introduction of electronic door locks has massively increased the safety and privacy options for people. With the rise of burglary and theft in society, electronic locks have definitely proved themselves beneficial. Here are a few more advantages of using electronic door locks:

  • Limit the people entering your house in your absence: The obvious advantage of having electronic locks installed in your home or commercial property is that you can limit the number of individuals that can enter your house without a physical key. You can choose a few individuals such as family members or friends that can have access to your home through a card or pin. Your acquaintances can now enter your home in your absence through the app or another system without key exchange.
  • Make your commercial properties safer and more private: Electronic locks are undoubtedly beneficial in commercial properties since the owner can only allow the employees and workers to enter the premises, making the workplace a safer and better place for all. With no unauthorized people entering the commercial property, there is a reduced risk of theft and other nuisance.
  • Forgetting your physical keys is a thing of the past: With traditional lock and key system, people have to always double-check their doors before leaving the place. However, with electronic locks you don’t have to worry since as soon as you close the door, they automatically take care of everything. Misplacing your keys is now a thing of the past.
  • Electronic locks work even during a power failure: If there’s a power failure, you need not worry if you can enter and exit since these latest locks come equipped with a battery backup. An alarm will sound whenever there is a need to replace the battery so you don’t have to face worry about anything due to power disruptions.  
  • Keep intruders away: Since some of the high-end electronic locks are operated with the latest technology, they offer high-security and other unique features that will inform you if an intruder tries to enter your premises by destroying your lock and without your authorization. If the intruder has used the wrong pin code to unlock your lock, you will get a warning alarm. So, rest assured that there is no fear of theft or burglars entering your home. Please note that numerous models are available with physical keys to help you in situations when you are unable to open the lock by any other means.

What Are The Different Types of Electronic Locks?

In general, you will find two different types of electronic locks on the market. These are:

  • Standalone Electronic Locks: These are the standard versions of electronic locks that can be easily installed in your door without the needs of any alterations in the door. If your door is Single-bored, you can add a doorknob that is incorporated with the electronic lock.

If you have double-bored doors, you may want to use deadbolt electronic locks. These locks come equipped with the battery so you need to replace the battery regularly to for it to continue functioning. You will be warned when there the battery needs replacement with a beep sound, flashing light or through the mechanical tumbler system.

  • Electronic Locks with an Access Control System: These types of electronic locks offer high-quality security and are generally used in premises that need to be regularly monitored and controlled. These electronic locks are linked to an access control system. Whenever someone activated the lock to enter the room, the access control system will be alerted. There is also an added facility to disable an electronic lock in case you need to deny access to a particular room. 

The Different Ways to Operate Electronic Locks

There are numerous ways to operate electronic locks. These include:

  • Keypad: Keypad is a small card that is equipped with a set of buttons, which are labeled with numerals or letters. In order to operate the electronic lock, the user will need to enter the correct code or sequence, which in turn will release the solenoid or motor and unlock the lock.
  • Biometrics: A system where the electronic locks are unlocked with biological traits including fingerprints, thumbprints, eyes and voice recognition. It is one of the most secure systems since every individual has unique fingerprints and other details. However, the only issue is that you need to use your fingerprints carefully so that the biometrics can read your fingerprint.
  • Key Card: These electronic keys resemble credit cards with an attached magnetic strip. On the insertion of this magnetic strip into the lock, it opens the room. Key card locks are often used in commercial buildings.

Are Electronic Door Locks Less Secure Than Traditional Lock and Key Systems?

You will find a large selection of smart electronic locks on the market today. Electronic locks are highly advanced and prepared with high-security features so it’s not as easy to break them as compared to the traditional lock and key system.

Since they are complicated to unlock, most intruders will struggle to open them. However, it is still important to bear in mind that there may not offer complete protection against burglary, despite how technologically advanced they are.

Important Note: There are some Wi-Fi locks that come with their code labeled inside their case, just like an Internet router. If you have installed the electronic lock on your front door, make sure to change the password immediately otherwise it is will be easy for the burglars to break the lock since they only need to remove the case and read the password.

Are Smart Electronic Locks Worth Buying?

No doubt, electronic locks are smart and safe and thus provide utmost security to owners. However, using them depends on your personal choice and needs. If your property needs high security and all-around vigilance, you should consider using electronic locks. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that electronic locks usually cost more than the traditional lock and key system so you should check your budget before purchasing them; however, one cannot beat the security they provide as compared to the traditional ones.

Before you buy an electronic lock, make sure to take a look at the reviews of the system first. 

Use Electronic Locks: Because You Care for your Family and Property

Today, technology has advanced to a stage where you can use it for attaining the utmost security of your home. Smart home security systems let you unlock your door without having to use physical keys. Electronic locks are getting popular day by day as they offer ease, convenience, and security. You can find them in offices, commercial buildings and rooms of high profile people.

With an increase in crime, people have realized just how important the security of their property and their loved ones can be. Therefore, they are investing money in new security technology. Working individuals are often concerned for the safety of their kids and elderly family members at home, but thanks to the smart locks, everyone can put their worries to rest.

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