Home Lockout Prevention Tips

lockout prevention

They're some of the most daunting, stressful and infuriating things that could happen to anyone. They come at the worst of times, and they usually ruin your schedule and mood. They happen to all of us, usually more than once. We are, of course, talking about accidental home lockouts caused by a key that has been locked inside by mistake, lost or stolen. Sometimes, a broken or faulty lock mechanism could also prevent you from unlocking your home using your key.

While you are responsible for knowing the whereabouts of your keys at all times, the unexpected often happens and you end up in crazy situations. You are either too stressed out, careless or fail to be mindful, and end up staring at your front door, replaying your previous steps in your mind over and over again. While you can take on yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques to lower your stress levels and be more present at the moment, you can also use some more practical home lockout prevention tips to ensure you won't be locking yourself out anytime soon.

Never Leave Without Your Keys On You

According to a study completed by researchers at the University College London and published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes a little over two months to make a habit and stick to it. Work on selecting a good, visible and easily reachable spot where you can place your keys when you come home and use the same location to pick up your keys when you need to go out. Repeat the procedure day in, day out, placing your keys on the same table, tray or hanger for around 66 days and you should have no more problems trying to figure out where you've left your keys.

You should also choose the same pocket inside your bag or a secret wallet or phone case compartment where you can store your key when you leave the house. Just keep in mind having a bulky keyring with several loud metal keys on it might prove to be more useful, as it could help you actually hear your keys accidentally falling from your purse or hand (it can happen!) and save you a lot of headaches.

Carry A Spare Key On You/Store It Somewhere Easily Reachable

  • It is an excellent idea to have a locksmith cut a few spare keys for you and have them stored somewhere safe. For instance, a secret wallet compartment, or inside your phone case, as long as you know you will be constantly carrying your wallet or phone with you.

  • Also, you could leave a spare with one of your trustworthy neighbors; this is also a good idea in case you plan on asking them to check your place while you are away on vacation or a business trip.

  • Lockboxes are also smart spare key storage solutions to consider for home lockout prevention reasons. All you need to do is find a metal box you can lock with the help of a combination code and place your key in it.

  • Forget about the old and much too obvious under-the-doormat solution. It's no secret most people use it to “hide” their keys, but little do they know most of today's opportunist thieves will usually anticipate their secret and take advantage of it. Rocks inside your gardens or in the driveway are also a bad idea for similar reasons.

Opt For Keyless Locks And Kiss Your Worries Goodbye

Keyless lock alternatives allow you to bid your lockout worries goodbye. You will no longer risk locking yourself out of your home simply because there will be no key to lock inside, lose or misplace. With the help of the right access code, you will be able to enter your home without having to waste time and energy wondering where your keys are. Just keep in mind you and the rest of the household members should be the only ones familiar with the access code.

Maintain Your Keys/Locks

Any sign of rust, wear-out or flaws on your locks or keys will eventually lead to your inability to enter your home using your key. Keep your keys and locks clean and well-maintained. Talk to a local locksmith and ask him to periodically inspect your keys and locks and use the right professional cleaners and lubricants. If needed, replace any broken or damaged locks and keys you no longer use. Grab your key and notice if it is sturdy enough to open the door hassle-free, without the risk of seeing the key break in the lock.

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