2020 Home Security Apps For Additional Protection

2020 home security apps

Would you like to use a security app that allows you to control your home security system from a remote distance and use your home security camera app to keep a close eye on your prized possessions no matter where you are 24/7?

Today’s leading companies offer clients the most efficient types of app-based home automation systems that allow users to enjoy full control of their locks, lights or HVAC. If you are interested in finding out what are a few of the most popular home security apps today, these next few recommendations should come in handy.

Why You Need The Right App For Your Device

If your smartphone is running on Android, you will need to make sure you download the right Android-compatible app, or else you will risk dealing with a non-functioning remote monitoring system. If you are more interested in finding zero-fee apps while still enjoying all the features of your security cameras, or turn your phone or laptop into a security camera, you will also need to figure out what are the best apps for this purpose.

Below you will discover a few details on the most popular models of security camera apps, along with the best Android and iOS home security apps that you can opt for right now.

Popular Types Of Security Camera Apps

There are two large categories of home security apps you can currently find on the market in the form of third-party apps and proprietary apps.

  • Third-party home security apps which require users to pay a certain fee for using them. They are usually fully compatible with numerous security camera brands, but this is something that should be checked before making the purchase.

  • Proprietary home security apps are offered by security companies and they can only be used together with the companies' own cameras. They are free of charge and they enable homeowners to simply create their own security systems with zero compatibility issues to deal with. Plus, security companies are known to periodically create new versions for their apps and display new functionality or fix old errors and bugs.

The Best Home Security Apps For Android and iOS Devices

home security appsSome of the best home security apps for Android users are which can turn remote home monitoring into one of the smoothest and simplest processes.

  • Ivideon is an excellent security camera app that enables users to send audio back over the web and watch live streaming images from any compatible device and location. It's an excellent app that works well for households with children when parents are away for short periods of time and would still like to closely supervise their children. Plus, it is also possible to save and recover all images using cloud services. The only drawback we could find for this app is the fact that it is not compatible with Linux clients.

  • Reolink is another top app compatible with Android and iOS devices that can be used with IP cameras without having to handle any complex configuration. Users can see live videos of their cameras 24/7. With more than 2.5 million people using this app that features amazing night vision up to 190 feet and 5MP images, you can't go wrong when making your download. The app also features motion-detection alerts, while its biggest flaw is the fact that it solely works with security systems and cameras.

  • August Smart Home Access System allows users to stay in control of their front door with the help of their smartphones. The August smart lock can be operated without the use of a physical key. Plus, the app allows you to create as many virtual keys as needed for your household members and guests out of town. You can even schedule specific dates and times for delivery services or the cable company. No more leaving the key behind when going out the door and locking yourself out. The August app features the excellent auto-lock and unlocks options for entering and leaving your home with more peace of mind.

  • The August Smart Keypad is used together with the Smart Lock from the same brand and it can be operated without the use of a smartphone or tablet. It allows users to create unique entry coded for their guests and secure their entryways with a single push of a button. All keypad activity is recorded and saved in the Activity Log. The same brand also features the August Doorbell Cam that streams live video and send alerts every time someone is ringing the doorbell. The app allows you to look at your visitors and speak to them, unlock the door and receive real-time notifications with the help of intelligent motion sensors.

  • iSentry is a home security app for iOS users that allows them to turn their computers into web cameras and receive photos and videos of any suspect activity. Its only drawback is that it will stop functioning once the computers go into sleep mode.

  • AtHome is another iPhone dedicated app that comes with motion detecting and alarm features and it enables users to access the cameras 24/7, from any location.

By selecting the most suitable home security app for your Android or iPhone devices, you will boost the security on your home and receive real-time notifications with all the activities inside your house while you are not there.

Remember to also have the sturdiest and most reliable locks for your entryways and windows and contact our team of professional locksmiths for even more home security solutions.

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