Home Security Assessments Can Lower Your Insurance Rates

Home Security Assesment

Are you looking for home security upgrades? Has your home been recently broken into, or you have just bought a new property and your insurance premium is going through the roof? You've reached the right place! Find out what is the relation between home security assessment and insurance rates and learn what you can do to lower your monthly payments.

How Safe Would You Rate Your Home Right Now?

home security assessmentsWhether you have recently moved into a new place and you didn't take the time to have its security assessed properly before making the purchase, or someone has made a break-in attempt recently, you are probably worried about both your security and your insurance rate.

If you live under the impression that your home is a lot more vulnerable than you would like it to be, we can help you kill two birds with one stone. Some home security beef-up solutions can actually contribute to lowering your insurance premium. Among them, we cannot go without mentioning the apparently simple home security assessment.

With the help of home assessments, owners can determine the exact level of security, protection, vulnerability, safety hazards, threats and weaknesses surrounding their property. By eliminating some or all of those vulnerabilities, you will manage to add more protection, gain more peace of mind and save money on your insurance.

Get Rid Of Home Security Vulnerabilities

Keep in mind that the fewer security hazards and risks you are dealing with inside and around your home, the fewer the chances of your home falling victim to a burglary attempt. This should, in return, help your insurance agent in setting your insurance premium to the lowest rate possible.

Make Sure You Have High-Quality, Sturdy Locks On The Main Entryways

Most homes come with both a front and a back door, as well as a separate door that unites your garage to your home. How sturdy would you say the locks on all of these entryways truly are? Have you personally assessed them or had them replaced or re-keyed recently? What about the hinges, strike plates, and frames?

Keep in mind that most insurance companies would rather have their clients use deadbolt locks instead of other types of locks since they work best when dealing with burglary threats and break-in attempts. If your entryway doors do not have deadbolt locks on, make sure you get in touch with us and allow us to assist you with the lock assessment and replacement security you are looking for.

Once all of your locks have a deadbolt lock fitted to them, you should be able to obtain that insurance rate deduction. Make sure you opt for the preferred brands that your agent will recommend for you. Only work with authorized, licensed and insured locksmiths for your lock installation needs. They will know exactly what type of locks to install. For example, one primary requirement insurance companies normally have when it comes to deadbolt locks is for them to feature a volt that is at least one inch long, placed along with the minimum 1-inch bolt. The strike plate should be at least 3 inches long.

Assess Your Garage Door And Beef Up Security

No home security assessment could go without a thorough inspection of your garage door. Depending on the model of garage door you have installed, you may be using a classic lock with a key or a more advanced garage door opener that allows you to remotely control the door. Make sure these systems are in pristine form and see if you need to have them replaced re-keyed or upgraded with better alternatives.

Consider having a security system with monitoring cameras installed in the area around your garage. This way, you should enjoy higher levels of protection while receiving instant push notifications in case someone might be trying to make their unauthorized way into your garage. Fortifying your garage door lock system should also help you lower your insurance rate, so make sure you get in touch with us and allow us to assist you with the security assessment and new lock installation.

Have Your Security Lights Assessed

Inspect your exterior sensor lights and see if you have any broken bulbs or faulty systems that might prevent the system from working the right way. Light is one of the most effective deterrents against potential home intruders. No one wants to be in the spotlight when trying to burglarize a property. Make sure all of your sensor lights are working fine and are constantly on at night to discourage burglars from choosing your home as the next victim on their list.

Light limits the number of shadows burglars can use to hide and plan their break-in, so make sure you take full control over it.

Home Alarm Assessments And Insurance Rates

Needless to say, home alarms are some of the most successful ways of preventing a home burglar from entering your place or taking off with your prized possessions. The loud sound that an alarm going off will make and the immediate attention it will attract on your home will automatically scare off burglars.

You could opt for a complex alarm system that also incorporates exterior lights with sensors and sensors that can be installed on your windows. Have an expert locksmith assess your current alarm system and find out whether you should change or repair any of its components. Get in touch with your insurance agent and ask them if they are willing to offer any price discounts for installing sensor lights and small-keyed locks on your windows.

Peepholes, doorbells or security bars on your windows are additional solutions that could help you lower your insurance rates. Just make sure you have them included in your security assessment plan and talk to your insurer first.

If you are interested in adding any of the above security measures to your home, call 24/7 ASAP Locksmith today for a security assessment and install.

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