How to Crack a Safe

safe cracking

Resorting to a professional locksmith when you have forgotten the code to your safe can be a lot of money and super frustrating if you have tried to open it yourself because it takes a great deal of patience and effort while you may ruin your tools or even the safe itself while attempting to open it. Cracking the safe yourself you are rewarded with a sense of satisfaction a full wallet and an undamaged safe if you have done it right. Learning how a combination of lock functions are just the beginning. Getting the combination is not like in the movies where you see how to crack a safe with a stethoscope or a simple "safe cracking 101" tutorial, it requires a professional locksmith to get the job done.

Below are steps of how to crack open the safe yourself. The things you will need are a stethoscope, graph paper, and pencil and several hours minimum.

  • Rotate the dial counterclockwise and listen carefully for two clicks near each other using a stethoscope. Metal safes reverberate the sounds and make them easier to hear. Reset the lock again and turn the dial clockwise and listen again as you turn slowly counterclockwise. Repeat 2-3 times.
  • Once you found out where the two clicks collide move the dial to point 180 degrees across. Keep rotating and count the number of clicks you hear (if the same problem is happening then the safe you’re using may have an anti-cracking technology and a professional locksmith might be your only option.)
  • Setting up a line graph is part of the hard work of opening a safe yourself. You will need to record a lot of information on the graph in order to crack the safe. Label each graph with “starting position” and its y-axis “left contact point”. Do the same for the right side. The y-axis only needs to cover about 5 of the numbers.
  • Spin the dial a couple of times in several rotations clockwise to disengage the wheels, then set it at the zero position. Rotate slowly counterclockwise and listen. Reset the safe lock and set it 3 number left of 0. Continue recording the location of the two clicks.
  • Look for points on your graph where the two y-values converge. Write down the x-values at the locations and from the two charts the number closest together and write them down. Remember, we don’t know which of these numbers is the correct one.
  • Try every possible sequence of the number you located. Remember to reset the dial between each attempt several times. Keep writing down the numbers as you go. Test your results and try to combine adjacent numbers if the safe won't open.

Note that most safes allow for a 1 or 2 number margin of error while dialing. Our residential locksmiths have experience in opening safes and keeping them maintained while attempting to open them with no harm to them though at times it might need to be broken completely in order for it to open, if you are having trouble following the steps above in opening your safe, call us we would love to help you get it done asap with no problems and no exaggerated time and effort.

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