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Car keys jammed in the ignition or lock is one of those situations that come completely out of the blue and complicate your day making it impossible to start your car or even get into it. Imagine the car key gets stuck when you are rushing off to an important meeting or going for a long-awaited holiday. Such emergency situations often happen at worst possible times and really, you are unable to predict them. Especially when you are very busy, stressed out, or in a hurry.

When Your Car Key Is Stuck In The Ignition Switch Or Door Lock

There are various reasons why your car key can get jammed in the ignition. These include dirt or lint in the ignition whole, broken or blocked steering lock, broken or bent car key, or the ignition cylinder is broken and needs repair or replacement. If you are not sure what caused the problem, call a professional locksmith company to deal with the problem. Don’t try to get the key out forcefully or manipulate too much with the ignition, as you can cause more damage. Trust people with the right expertise to help you start your car and get you back on the road again.

One of the causes might be dirt or tiny lint blocking the ignition lock cylinder. You can try cleaning the ignition opening with some electrical cleaning spray. If this doesn’t help, it might mean that the issue is more serious. Perhaps the ignition lock cylinder is damaged. In this case, don’t manipulate the ignition switch too much, as it may cause more harm than good. It is better to call for a professional car locksmith to help.

Sometimes the key gets stuck because of a broken or blocked steering lock. In some cases, when the steering lock is not in the right position, the key might not turn and get jammed in the ignition. Try to place the steering wheel gently in the proper position to release the key.

Both of these situations end up in locking you out of the car or unable to start the vehicle.

Call A Reliable Car Locksmith To Help

Car key jammed in ignition switch

Car keys can break, they get stuck in the locks or ignitions or break off inside them. As all objects used frequently they might simply wear off, the material may react to extreme weather conditions (especially low temperatures) or the driver might use too much force on it, eventually causing it to break off inside the lock or get jammed.

When your car key is jammed in the ignition or in your car door lock, or when you break the key trying to start the car or just move the key in the lock forcefully what you should do right away is to call a locksmith service to help you out. It is extremely useful to have a phone number saved on your mobile, so in case of the actual emergency, you don’t have to search frantically in distress for any nearby locksmith. Having a trustworthy company’s contact on your phone prevents you from hiring a random company that might charge you more or is less reliable. So in order to prevent a car lockout emergency complication, do your research beforehand and be prepared.

Professional Car Key Extraction Locksmith Services

However, if you already are in a car lockout or a car key jammed in the ignition kind of situation, there are several possible solutions that a locksmith can offer. A skilled professional can safely remove the broken pieces of the key from the car door lock or ignition. It is important not to try to do it on your own if you don’t have the necessary expertise. You can cause even more damage and end up with having to replace the whole lock, which can be expensive and take a longer time.

After the locksmith removes the pieces of a broken key or the car key jammed in the ignition, they assess the locks to see if any damages were caused. The damaged locks or ignition cylinder can be repaired and rekeyed. Sometimes the damages are caused by drivers trying to get the key out with too much force. This may result in pushing the key deeper into the ignition, making it harder to extract. However, a well-trained specialist can perform the car key extraction with precision and without harming the door, lock or ignition.

car key extraction services

Car key extraction is not a very difficult process, though it may seem like it. The car ignition and car door locks are delicate and complex mechanisms, but for a professional locksmith, it should only take a few minutes to conduct a proper car key extraction. Naturally, sometimes it might get longer, it depends on whether the car key is jammed or broken off in the ignition or car door lock.

An important thing to bear in mind is that after car key extraction, you may need a spare key or a new car key made to unlock and start your car. We can make a new car key for you from the lock, even without a spare key, but it is recommended to always have a spare key available for your car. That way, if your original car key is lost, stolen or gets stuck again, you can have a replacement car key made for much less and without any urgency: you can still drive the car in the meanwhile.

Also, never try to start your car with a broken key. It will definitely cause more damage. Even if you manage to actually start the ignition, it can be very dangerous to drive with a broken key because any bump or jolt could cause the connection to falter and your car to suddenly stop running.

That’s why if your key gets stuck in the ignition cylinder, or even if it’s difficult to insert, you should call our toll free number and have  our nearest 24/7 nationwide locksmith  fix it for you.

Call For Our 24/7 Professional Car Locksmiths To Help You Out

If your car keys are jammed in the ignition and you tried all the ways you could to get it out, don’t get stressed out. Stop forcing the car keys out and call our mobile locksmiths anytime 24/7 and let them do their job. They have the skill and the tools to do it properly and quickly. We specialize in all kinds of emergency situations and have respect for your time and money.

When you need a car key extraction pronto, there’s no time to waste. Call our 24/7 locksmith service hotline and a professional car locksmith will arrive in under 30 minutes to get the job done right!

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