Theft Deterrents That Do Not Work

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To the untrained, or unknowing eye, keeping burglars and thieves out of your home can seem uncomplicated. Lock your doors, set your alarms, and keep your loud, large dog nearby. Well, if theft and burglar prevention were that easy to take care of, fewer people would find themselves the victims of home break-ins. While there are indeed logical as well as effective ways to secure your home, there are some rather popular techniques out there that either do not work or work against you, that need to be corrected. Have a look at our tips below to make sure you are as safe as possible- for real!  

Ineffective Theft Deterrents

While most of us are logical, mature, thinking adults, there are times when all that wisdom, logic, and maturity leaves us a bit high and dry. See, the best way to determine how to keep thieves at bay is to find out what they think when they see what we do in an effort to protect our homes. Burglars and the criminals who look for ideal homes to break into are the best sources of information and knowledge when it comes to what we should do and what we should not.Here are just some of their insights.

Alarm Company Signs

Putting up big, alarm company signs, especially if you do not actually use their service, does very little to keep the bad guys away. Career criminals are astute observers of the world, and students of their environment as well as yours. A smart criminal with any knowledge of technology, can access the company you are advertising on your front lawn, learn what their company codes are, and bypass them to get into your home.  If this seems pretty complicated it is because you are not a tech-savvy criminal. And while that is a good thing in the grand scheme of life, you have to think like one in order to keep them away from your property.

Storing Valuables in Bedroom

Do not keep your valuables in your bedroom. A not so new "news flash" here: that is exactly where the vast majority of folks keep their heirloom jewels, sentimental pieces, and things they hold near and dear.  And this is not even a tip from the experienced criminals, but the novices amongst them, too. Find other less obvious rooms and hiding spots to keep your items safe, secure, and stashed away.

Dog Security

Relying on your precious pup to keep thieves away is hardly a foolproof deterrent. For one thing, most folks who go into the criminal world are not going to be particularly easy to scare away. And though an incessantly loud, the barking dog may signal to others that there is unusual activity in your home especially when you are not there, chances are that your neighbors are so used to hearing your little Fido bark, that they do not even pay attention when he does.  In fact, all that barking works in a thief’s favor because it can mask whatever sounds they make as they plow through your belongings. This does not mean you should not have a dog, but do not think that your canine is a full-service security system, too.

Mail Suspension

While suspending your mail or having someone else pick it up while you are away is certainly not a bad idea, burglars generally have one better. Criminals do not wait for the right time to break-in. Rather, they are more likely to case a neighborhood to determine which home within the area will be the easiest to rob. Burglars will study your behavioral patterns, when you typically stay home and when you leave, and use that information to their advantage.  A smart thief will know, even if you have a neighbor picking up your mail, that the reason they are doing that is that you are away.

Tried and True Methods to Home Security

Theft deterrence may seem like a lost battle before you even put up a fight.  Yes, there are criminals that are sharp, smart, and know their field, but that does not mean they are not stoppable at all.  Here we present a few more tips, from burglars themselves, that are quite effective at keeping your home safe.   tips to home security

  • We cannot say this often enough: LOCK YOUR DOORS AND YOUR WINDOWS. The best locks in the world, especially when they have been installed by 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths, will not help unless you use them.  A lock does not in and of itself scare anyone away, so do not think that a door or window sporting lots of metal bolts are going to keep burglars away.  Also, remember that crime happens even in the most seemingly safe, quiet, residential, and friendly areas in the world. Those kinds of neighborhoods are farther and few between, but the folks living within them should still be locking their doors and windows all the time.  This is by far the easiest, most consistently offered piece of advice that too often goes unheeded.

  • Three words: Home security check. Many police departments will have an officer do a walkthrough of your house and the surrounding area and help you identify the easiest places to break in and the best ways to secure those spots.  This is a free service that everyone should use!

  • Security systems that are hooked up, not identified by the provider you use on your lawn or in your windows and have an atypical sounding alarm that will make your neighbors take notice if it sounds off.     

Your security matters, as does your safety. Listen to the experts, lock your doors, be mindful of who and what is in your area, and contact your always available 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths when you need a helping hand.

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