Keeping Your Children Safe At School

Children Safe At School

Find out what are the main school safety tips that children and parents should oblige in order to increase kids' protection when it is time to go back to school.

School can be a stressful time for both children and their parents. With students having to navigate new classes and get acquainted with new classmates and teachers when going back to school and parents worried that their small ones may fall victim to bullying or school violence, it's a hassle for everyone, to say the least.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure your kids will be going to school and coming back home in the safest way possible. Safe bus rides, personal security tips children can learn, GPS tracking and even padlocks and safety locks could all contribute to a safer experience, and the younger they are taught how to stay safe, the better.

Review New School Policies At The Beginning Of Each New School Year

Children Safe At School

It is crucial to know if there are any changes to the school policy that you should know about at the beginning of each new school year. And while schools will usually do a good job of informing parents about any updates and changes, you will need to be diligent and patient enough to revise them.

Do not skip any paragraphs or pages and make sure you know exactly what your children's school promises to do in case of an emergency. Pay attention to the school’s handbook as well and go over it together with your kids. Learn what is the accepted visitors' policy that the school uses and which are the emergency drills that you should know about. Where does the school stand on bullying and school violence incidents?

If the handbook does not provide you with satisfying answers to all of your questions, you should get in touch with the school administration or your children's teachers and express all of your concerns.

Ensure Your Child Travels Safely To And From School

  • Schedule a safe walking route to school or from your home to the bus stop, if necessary. Make sure you opt for the most direct way with little to no intersections. This way, your child will avoid having to constantly cross the street and risk being involved in a car crash. Teach your kids the basic traffic rules and make sure they know when to cross the street and when to halt.

  • Make sure you personally walk this route together with your small ones. Teach them why it is important to steer clear from any potential risks and hazards, such as empty fields and lots and other similar types of perils. Children should be taught never to talk to strangers or accept sweets, drinks or rides from strangers. Clearly define what a stranger is.

  • Your child should always be accompanied by a sibling, an older friend or a neighbor. If you need to commute to school and you are also dropping your children to school every day, you should opt for parking spots that are located as near to the school as possible. Do not drive away until you are absolutely sure that your children have safely entered the school building.

  • Never let your kids ride their bike to school without wearing a protective helmet that meets proper safety standards, encourage them to use security padlocks for their bikes. Talk to a home locksmith to find out what are the most trustworthy types of locks and combination locks. Teach your kids to never reveal the secret combination to their padlock to anyone. Make sure you help them understand why it is important to properly protect the keys to the home and make sure they do no lose them. In case it happens, talk to an emergency locksmith and have them re-key your locks and cut new sets of keys for all family members.

  • Make sure your children get to the bus stop early. Tell them to wait for the bust to come to a full stop before they get near it and never to tie their shoelaces in front of the bus. Also, teach your children about the perils of the driver’s blind spot.

  • Children should remain seated during the bus ride and keep their head and limbs inside the bus when windows are open. Upon exiting the bus, kids should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, then get out using the handrail. They should cross the street at least 10 feet in front of the bus.

The BUSIT Alternative

BUSIT refers to a network of buses that serve hundreds of bus stops and safety carry around millions of passengers on a daily basis. The buses are fully equipped to cater to the needs of people who suffer from various physical impairments. Bus operators can be contacted in case a bus fails to show up on time, according to schedule or in case a serious incident has happened. Parents can use the journey planner or the Transit app to figure out what is the best school route for your children. When leaving the bus, your children will need to press the bell once as they are getting near their stop.

School Shooting Protection Tips

Schools need to be prepared for active shooter incidents and prevention is just as important as having the right emergency protocols in place. Students need to familiarize themselves with the way they should act in case of a school shooting incident with the help of periodical drills. Careful visitor screening and taking additional control measures are a must.

Front entrances that are carefully monitored by the school staff can make a huge difference. Teachers should also prevent the damage that could be caused by an active shooting inside a school by having door stops that can be used during school lockdowns. Bleeding control kits are also excellent solutions for classrooms. Panic button smartphone apps are also good solutions that could serve the purpose of alerting the authorities there is an active shooter inside the school.

Children also need to be taught how to stay safe, remain quiet and follow their teachers' guidance in case of a shooter in the school.

If you want to opt for other methods of protection for your children such as GPS trackers and others, be sure to contact 24/7 ASAP Locksmith and we will make sure to provide you with an explanation on the various options available on the market for your children's safety.


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