Keyless Door Locks For The Disabled

Keyless Door Locks For The Disabled

There is no reason for people suffering from various physical disabilities not to be able to fully enjoy life and be constrained by any obstacles or drawbacks. Smart technologies have slowly penetrated every aspect of our existence during recent years, providing us with extra convenience and comfort. They have also turned into some of the most efficient helpers for people with disabilities.

If you are curious to learn how security can be improved with the help of smart, keyless locks, these next lines should help.

Keyless Door Locks For The Disabled

Keyless Door Locks For The DisabledThe locksmithing and home security fields have exploded in terms of innovative releases during the last few years. Smart locks that can be controlled with the help of smartphones from any location or video doorbells and peepholes that let you speak to the person sitting in front of your door while you are at work or on vacation are just a few of the incredible inventions we have all been witnessing lately. Electronic door locks are no longer a surprise for lots of people, especially commercial clients. But did you know that there are electronic door locks that can be used by disabled people? Here are a few of the main advantages of using an electronic keyless lock for disabled people:

  • Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant and you are in a wheelchair, you can rely on these locks and considerably improve your living. These locks do not require you to turn a key, but rather use a remote control or even a phone to control the locking and unlocking of a door.

  • It is even possible to enable access to home guests without having to go to the door and let them in or greet them yourself.

  • If you are waiting for an electrician or you need to let in an emergency crew but you are hurt or unable to go to the front door, this option will prove to be an extremely helpful feature.

  • Schedule your upcoming entries by following your schedule and make sure your nurse or other service staff members can freely enter your home as previously established.

  • Elderly household members can eliminate the risk of losing or misplacing their keys which is a common occurrence at old age.

  • Keyless locks are also a superior alternative for the standard lock and key mechanisms which may be more difficult to manipulate because of various disabilities.

  • Gain more control over the simplest aspects of your life that have become a real hassle because of a car accident or a stroke that might have left you psychically disabled.

Keyless Entry Solutions For Living An Independent Life

If Cerebral Palsy is preventing you from operating a standard lock on the entry door using both of your hands and you need a simple alternative, a remote-controlled door entry system is the right thing for you. These remotes feature a striker plate, a receiver unit, and a single key fob. The system can be successfully used on wooden as well as composite doors with Yale locks. To install such a lock, you will need to replace the metal plate on the door frame with the new electrical door release. Next, you will need to plug in the receiver unit by connecting the strike plate to the receiver with a push-in wire. The receiver can be placed 8 meters away from the entryway and plugged in with a 12V adapter. Most of these systems come with receivers that have already been programmed with the key fobs. If you need help with the installation, we recommend you to get in touch with us and let us handle everything for you hassle-free.

You can also ask for extra key fobs to be programmed and connected to the receiver unit and use them inside a commercial space.

To enter a keyless lock door, you will need to depress the key fob button while getting near the entryway. It is also possible to use open the door form the interior form a 30-meter distance, which turns the system into the perfect choice for the elderly or for people with significantly diminished movement abilities.

DIY is possible given the simple to use plug-in power supply and wiring details in the guide these locks come with. However, you may need to call an electrician to make sure everything is in order. Authorized locksmiths for homes or commercial spaces can also assist you with selecting, installing and servicing or maintaining these electrical keyless locks for the disabled.

Why Hire Us

Whether you need a remote key fob door entry system for residential or small commercial spaces, a key fob for a domestic keyless lock or a digital wireless lock for multiple users, the 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team is here to assist you. We specialize in the entire array of locksmith services for homes, office and automotive customers at competitive prices. We invite you to get in touch with us and let our friendly and knowledgeable customer support service let you know what are your option. We can schedule an appointment for you and cut duplicate keys for you, fit new alarm systems, install new keyless locks on all your entryways, add window bars and peepholes at the desired level on your front door. We are available 24/7, seven days a week and we can assist you with any lockout emergency.

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