How To Prevent Locking Your Children In The Car

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Accidental car lockouts are common occurrences in the lives of drivers. Here is what to do to prevent children from getting locked in a vehicle.

Accidental car lockouts happen more often than you might think. In fact, people get locked out of their vehicles every day, and it is definitely a nerve-racking occurrence, especially when the driver is the parent of a small child who has remained stuck in the vehicle. People simply do not practice mindfulness anymore, and they fail to pay sufficient attention to the way they handle their car keys, grocery bags, phones, and children. Car lockouts, sadly, have the potential of turning into genuine disasters when children remain locked inside. If you are currently in the middle of such an unfortunate event, immediately call 911 or an emergency locksmith in your area to prevent a tragedy. Staying calm and taking immediate action will ponder heavily in making the right decision. These next few lines will talk to you about the smartest ways to prevent locking children in the car, as well as a few pointers on how to handle an actual lockout emergency.

Children Locked In The Car?

If you are now dealing with an accidental lockout from your car, and your child is stuck inside, keep calm and try not to panic. It might be easier said than done most times, but it is a prerequisite that will help you use your logical thinking and act the right way. You do not wish to scare your young child even more, or else you will risk seeing them do something unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Imagine the keys still in the ignition, with the engine on.

Next, take immediate action and avoid wasting even a single precious second. Guilt and blame can be dealt with at a later time, once your child is no longer trapped inside your car. The best course of action and also the highest recommended approach is to call an emergency locksmith. Make sure that they handle 24/7 lockout situations and have your exact address/location ready to be communicated. Use the GPS coordinates on your smartphone if you have it on you if you are not sure where you are.  

If you already know a good locksmith service you normally use for your car lock and key needs, give them a call. Speed is of the essence and every minute counts, so make sure they handle emergency services and they have mobile teams dispatches in your exact area. If they don't, call a different service. 247 ASAP Locksmiths can provide you with the entire range of locksmith services for automotive, residential, and commercial needs, including 24-hour lockout emergency help. Call them at (888) 338-8307 no matter what state or city you might be in. Expect a fast, 20-minute response time for handling lockouts, depending on your proximity from their mobile teams in the field.

Keep in mind it is crucial to find a trustworthy company you can rest assured will not cause more damage to your car or any injuries to your trapped child. Have contact information for reliable, local locksmiths on hand all the time. Store their emergency number in your fast dial contacts on your phone. 

If you know you cannot rely on a locksmith reaching you anytime soon because of your remote location, you can either call 911 or break a window so you can open the vehicle from the inside.  
Just make sure you know exactly what you are doing and not risk injuring your child. See they are as far from the window at the time you are ready to break it.

How To Prevent Locking Children In The Car

prevent locking child in car

Make a habit out of always checking you have your car keys on you every time you are ready to get out of your vehicle and shut the door behind you. Try not to be on the phone and carry a disturbing conversation or one that will require your full attention. Keep one of your hands empty and free of any grocery bags or on the go coffee mugs. It might also be a good idea to have a locksmith cut a duplicate key, and carry the spare on you at all times, if possible.

Some people choose magnet key holders they place in inconspicuous areas on their car. However, car burglars who are no stranger to this practice will not have any problem making their way into your car in the blink of an eye. You will be practically serving them your vehicle on a silver platter. And filing an insurance claim might not do you any good either, as your key hiding strategy will most likely render your claim useless.

You could also choose to drop one of your spare keys with good friends, family members, or neighbor you fully trust. You could give them a call and ask them to bring over the key in case of an accidental lockout. However, this prevention method will also affect any potential automotive theft or break-in claim you may need to file. Insurance companies consider this as risky behavior. So you may need to seriously consider whether you should use this method or not.

Avoid leaving your keys within arms reach of your children. No matter where you are, your keys need to be away from your curious kids. Especially your key fobs featuring the auto-lock option. The last thing you want if your child to be able to get into your car and lock themselves in.

It might sound like a no-brainer, but make sure you always check the backseats and make sure you haven't left anything behind – your son or daughter included. It happens more often than you might like to believe. Never assume it won't happen to you.

Finally, always carry the number of a local emergency locksmith on your phone and do not hesitate to use it whenever necessary.

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