Lock Maintenance Tips For Sturdy Locks

lock maintenance

Home upkeep and maintenance do not have to be expensive and time-consuming. Follow these few tips periodically to keep your locks in good working condition.

It goes without saying that locks are a fundamental part of a good home and office security. No matter where you live or work, travel or study, you are surrounded by all shapes and sizes of locks that are keeping you safe from a number of threats.

The locks on your car keep you safe while driving while protecting your precious car when parked. Your small-keyed window locks help you keep potential intruders away from your home. Along with safety grills and good locks on the rest of the entryways, they can create an almost impenetrable environment inside the house. No matter where and why you might need a new lock installed or serviced, we can assist you with modern tools and advanced techniques.

24/7 ASAP Locksmith also specializes in lock maintenance that can restore the functions in your old, worn-out or rusty locks. Below we are going to tell you a few of the most important secrets to proper lock maintenance so you can continue to enjoy your sturdy, high-quality locks for a longer time.

Lock Maintenance Tips For Lock Integrity

All of the mechanical equipment around your house requires appropriate maintenance practices that can keep potential problems away. A good lock can last for years with zero problems, but the better the upkeep, the more peace of mind you will have that your lock is actually doing the job you have bought it for. It all starts with your door.

front door locksIs your door installed the right way? Even the builders who were responsible for building your house or apartment from scratch might have done a lousy job at installing your front door. This is a common problem that can be rapidly fixed through assessment and re-installing. A professional locksmith should also be able to evaluate the state of a door and tell you whether it has been installed the right way or not, and they may even be able to help you get the problem fixed on the spot.

Plus, an improperly installed door will negatively affect the bolt and the latch on the lock. They will fail to connect as needed and the entire lock system will be a fail. A sagging door will force you to use a lot of slamming in an attempt to make the door fit and lock mechanism fit, which will, in turn, cause more wear and tear and damage to both the lock and the door.

Before we go on with any other door maintenance tips, we are going to highlight the importance of having your door mounted correctly for the well-being and proper functioning of your lock.

Keep the doors and locks sparkling clean. OK, they do not need to actually sparkle, though it wouldn't hurt for your home's overall curb appeal. The “trick” is to make sure your doors and locks are kept clean and dry during humid days. Keep a close eye on condensation, as it can cause a lot of rust and damage. Rely on non-abrasive cleaners that will not corrode the metal. Read the ingredients and steer clear from cleaners that contain petroleum jelly, or you will risk completely damaging your locks.

Use secure screws and plates on the door. When using screws and plates for fastening your door frame, make sure they are of the right size. They need to be long enough to connect to the wall. The metal strike plate that is attached to the door allows the bolt to enter and keeps the door in its locked position. It should be attached following correct instructions and inspected for any faults periodically. Even a quarter of an inch difference in the screws or plate will cause your locks to work the wrong way, deteriorate over time and put your property at risk of burglary.

Regularly test the strike of the door frame. The strike is the opening that hosts the bolt. When dirt, debris, dust, and other contaminants reach it, the lock will not fit and work the right way. Make sure you clean any dirt you can see or call expert lock technicians to lend a hand.

Periodically oil the door mechanisms. Metal bars that have been installed in the middle of a door, along with handles and other similar devices should be constantly oiled for proper upkeep. The same goes for locks, screws, and plates if you want them to work at their maximum capacity. Oil all metal pieces once every three months for the best results.

Check if the door fits the frame. Provided the door is too small for the frame, the lock will not be able to provide you with the type of security you are looking for. The interior bolt should never be on display for potential burglars to see it. Also, the doorjamb should not stop you from opening and shutting the door in a smooth manner.

Look for signs of lock misalignment. Inspect the floor area that surrounds the door and see if you notice any skid or rub marks that may have been caused by the door dragging along the floor. This is a sign of improper alignment of the door and locks and should be handled straight away.

Use your locks at least once a week. Even if you do not live there, make sure you inspect and use the locks on a front door at least once a week. If you notice debris inside the keyhole, use the key to loosen up the dirt by placing it in and turning it a few times.

Use lubricant for your locks. You could opt for a silicone spray that can be used for lock maintenance, as well as an additional seal that can secure locks from rain, wind, dust, and rust. Dry and wet lubricants could both work well.

Clean your locks. Use the right type of cleaning agents dedicated to locking cleaning so you can prevent rust and other issues from popping up.

Remember while carrying out any of these tasks, if you come across any trouble or issues with your doors or locks, don't hesitate to call in the professionals, 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths is here for you!

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