Lock Picking 101: Learn How To Pick A Lock From Pros

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Are you curious to know how to pick a lock for your own general knowledge? Do you need immediate help with the accidentally locked door at your house? We are here to assist you.

Whether you are tired of constantly having to call a nearby locksmith and have them pick the old lock on your shed or your apartment door lock while all the neighbors are staring in the hallway, we know the struggle. This is why we have written this lock picking tutorial that contains information from our top locksmiths. All of our technicians are fully trained, licensed and possess the right know-how and skills needed to pick any lock in no time.

Who Should Learn A Simple Lock Picking Technique?

Briefly put, lock picking is one of the most common services a locksmith is hired to do and it usually incurs some sense of urgency, given the nature of the problem. Most people first interact with a locksmith when they find out they have locked their keys inside their home or car and there is no spare key they can use. Of course, lockouts can also happen because of a stuck or faulty lock mechanism, a lost, stolen or worn-out key.

An emergency locksmith will come over and use a series of specialized tools to almost immediately pick the lock and restore access to the property. Consequently, they will recommend having a new lock installed to replace an old, broken or worn-out one or proceed to rekey the lock and give you a new set of keys you will be able to start using immediately.

Lots of people buy old chests, vintage cupboards or drawers with missing keys or broken locks and they need fast and affordable ways to unlock them, check out their contents or refurbish them for selling or personal use. Either way, hiring a locksmith to unlock every new antique furniture peace they buy may be too time-consuming. Plus, by learning how to pick a lock on their own, they will also save money.

If you own a bike or a scooter you would like to secure with the help of a padlock and you have lost the key to it, it would also be helpful to know some lock picking 101.

Contemplating the idea of becoming a locksmith yourself? You could start practicing before enrolling in a locksmithing program to see if the trade suits you or not.

Lock Picking Tutorial For Beginners

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While the anatomy of each lock is different, a simple door lock usually consists of a bolt, a cylinder, a box, and a strike plate. In order to learn how to pick a lock, one must first comprehend how each of these parts works:

  • The cylinder or the body of the lock is the part where the lock is inserted. The cylinder triggers a number of pins that contain springs and this prevents the cylinder from turning and the door from opening. Whenever the right key is inserted into the cylinder, there is an uneven edge that will push the pins up and have them perfectly match the height of the key inside the lock. In other words, it will successfully identify the right key once the pins get into the correct spots. Consequently, this will trigger the cylinder to open and enable the bolt to start moving. This is the time when you will be able to unlock and open the door.

  • The box is an extension of the cylinder and it comes in the form of a small hole shaped like a square. Its purpose is to keep the bolt in the frame of the door whenever the lock is engaged.

  • The strike plate is a plate made of metal that is connected to the doorframe and it is meant to direct the bolt inside the box while reinforcing the entire mechanism.

  • A lock engages the latch located inside the door. This is a metal part that expands from the door all the way into the doorframe and it serves the purpose of holding it close. Locks usually come with deadbolts or springs bolts. A deadbolt has no spring-based system in place and it can be manipulated with the help of a doorknob or a key on one side of the door. It is the most secure choice in terms of locks, compared to spring bolt locks. Adding a plunger will significantly enhance security on the door, as it can prevent any lock jimmying attempts. A spring bolt, on the other hand, requires a spring clip in order to be secured. When the spring is compressed in order to trigger the unlocking of the latch, it will first be released, then it will snap into a locked position. This mechanism is found on doors that close automatically.

How Is Lock Picking Done?

Lock picking is a simple process that requires the use of special tools (torsion wrenches, pick guns, bump keys, decoder picks, ball picks and more) that need to be placed into the keyway and operated in such a way so that the door can unlock. First, the tension wrench needs to be put at the base of the keyway. Next, gently turn the wrench just like you would use a key to unlock the door, but make sure not to use too much pressure or you will risk failing. You will know you did the procedure right when the driver pin will catch the edge of the plug.

You will then have to put the lock pick on top of the lock and proceed to slide the rake back. Next, turn the wrench slowly and start rubbing the lock pick back and forth inside the keyway. This will ensure that all the pins will be set in place, in the correct position. This should help unlock the door. Remember to practice every time you get the chance on simple models of locks until you are fully familiar with the procedure.

If you still want a professional to do the lock picking for you, get in touch with our customer support team and we will send out one of our expert mobile locksmith teams to your location in no time!

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