Locksmith Rules And Regulations Explained

Locksmith Rules And Regulations

The importance of a locksmith's work is oftentimes ignored or downplayed until their help becomes crucial. For instance, when people get locked out of their cars or homes or they need someone to quickly replace a missing key. Usually, this is the time when they start to truly acknowledge just how essential these tradesmen are for their safety.

The locksmith profession is ancient and it has been around since the very first pin tumbler locks were invented over 6,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt. The enhanced security needs of today's modern man turn locksmith services into indispensable ones. However, in order for a locksmith to be able to do his job under any circumstance, he or she will need to comply with a series of regulations, similarly to any other profession or trade under the sun. The profession is kept under control with the help of a number of industry regulations targeting individual locksmiths and locksmith services.

Why Are Locksmith Regulations Necessary?

Locksmith Rules And RegulationsThe majority of countries all around the world require locksmiths to get their licenses before they can start practicing the profession. Private security companies and private detectives are asked to comply with the same regulations since they are also involved in ensuring residential and commercial security for clients.

Locksmith regulations are created to ensure all lock technicians keep up with the highest industry standards and job requirements. They are also asked to constantly honor the trade when performing their specific duties, act cautiously and respectfully and comply with all state, federal and local requirements.

Who Can Obtain A Locksmith License?

  • Locksmithing regulations in the US mention the fact that licenses can only be issued to individuals who are over 18. Plus, a license cannot be issued to someone who has shown questionable traits and morale, given the highly sensitive nature of the job. The same goes for people who have been charged with any kind of felony or someone who is displaying signs of mental or physical incompetence. Former militaries who have been discharged in a dishonorable way will also have a difficult time obtaining a locksmith license.

  • Individuals suffering from any type of drug, alcohol or substance abuse addiction may also be denied a license.

  • Someone who has been granted a license to operate in the past can have the license revoked if any of the situations enumerated earlier is to rise.

How Is A Locksmith License Obtained?

Authorized locksmiths who have gotten their license have been put through a series of tests, trials, practical learning and apprenticeship phases. They have had their files checked, their fingerprints submitted to their record and their skills and theoretical knowledge verified by official bodies in the industry. Only fourteen US states require locksmiths to be licensed before they are allowed to provide their service to the general public:

  • Alabama with the Electronic Security Board of Licensure as the main licensing body

  • California and the Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Security & Investigative Services

  • Connecticut and the Department of Consumer Protection

  • Illinois and the Division of Professional Regulation

  • Louisiana and the State Fire Marshal’s Office

  • Nebraska and the County Clerk’s Office

  • New Jersey and Division of Consumer Affairs

  • New York City and the Department of Consumer Affairs

  • Nevada and the County Sheriff’s Office

  • North Carolina and the Locksmithing Licensing Board

  • Oklahoma and the State Department of Health

  • Oregon and the Department of Commerce & Insurance

  • Tennessee and the Department of Commerce & Insurance

  • Texas and the Department of Public Safety Security Board

  • Virginia and the Department of Criminal Justice Services

While the rest of the states do not require a mandatory license for locksmiths, hiring an authorized technician will ensure working with the most skilled and reliable people in the trade. A locksmith license is rather difficult to obtain as it involves a lot of learning, exams, practical, hands-on experience being taught and apprenticeships, so licensed locksmiths do come with a clear advantage.

What Are The Legal Requirements A Person Must Comply With To Become A Locksmith?

While lock technicians are not asked to get any legal certifications, they need to go through a training program or work as an apprentice for a reputable locksmith company for a few months up to a few years before they can land certain positions. Future locksmiths are expected to have at least 3 months of experience under their belt, with some job requirements asking for up to four years.

There is also the option of joining a specialized course for the car, motorcycle or business locksmithing fields. Plus, all interested technicians can join legal and management courses so they can run their private businesses. The Associated Locksmiths of America is the most popular governing institution for locksmiths. In some parts of the US, future locksmiths are required to have had a full-time job for at least one year prior to getting licensed.

It is also possible for a locksmith to rely on a voluntary certificate instead of getting a license, provided they live somewhere where licensing is not needed.

Regulatory Bodies In The Locksmith Industry

Locksmiths can opt for a certificate for voluntary professionals via ALOA. Some of the most popular certificates include Registered Locksmith and Certified registered Locksmith. Each stage triggers a series of tests that need to be passed with a minimum of 70 points. There are additional organizations that regulate the trade and provide courses for skill improvement and knowledge upgrades according to the latest advents in the industry.

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