Common Tools A Locksmith Uses

Locksmith tools

Ever wonder how to pop a lock? We have compiled for you a comprehensive list of the most common as well as the less known tools and that locksmiths use.

Locksmithing is one of the most important trades that involve the use of meticulous skills, metalwork, and basic carpentry. At the same time, it is a beautiful mix of art and science that keeps us and our homes, workspaces, and vehicles safe from the hands of burglars, thieves, and other property criminals.

Lock technicians specialize in making and defeating locks, cutting duplicate keys, developing master lock systems, assessing lock mechanisms and recommending modern-day locks and alarm systems. Their role has slowly moved from that of simple lock repairmen to that of security consultants.

In order to do their work professionally, locksmiths need to use a series of specialized tools, and these next few lines will introduce you to some of the most common ones.

Traditional Lock Picking Toolslock picking tools

Traditional locksmithing is known to be a mix of metalworking, carpentry and lock picking. The modernization of the mass production of locks and keys has simplified the manufacturing process and the way repairs are done. It has also made custom-designed locks obsolete. The lock technicians of the 21st century now focus on the installation of high-quality locks, oftentimes electronic or smart locks, as well as the improvement of locking systems.

Today's locksmiths also focus on advanced lock picking solutions. However, simpler lock picking sets that can be used by landlords when tenants lose their keys are also extremely common. Lock picking tools for manual labor, key turners, and tension wrenches are a few of the most used tools by lock technicians.

Pros normally rely on more advanced tools such as special cylinder crackers, milling machines, and grinders. Since there are so many different types of locks out there, locksmiths will first need to do an assessment and establish the most suitable solutions. For example, slim line lock pick sets are best for Euro locks, since they are narrow enough to effectively reach the pins in the keyway.

The more advanced destructive tools are known as door cracking devices. Locksmiths can use the bell with pulling screws for the best results. This bell is designed for cracking the lock cylinder.

Air wedges can be easily placed between a door and its frame; the lock technician can then pump it up, then expand it to place the tool to get inside.

Plug spinners are an excellent tool that can be used in case a homeowner has already picked the lock improperly, and they refuse to have the lock picked again. In the same category of fast lock picking tools used by locksmiths, we can mention pick guns, electric lock picks included. These are usually referred to the detriment of other tools. Wafer lock pick tools can also be used to pick wafer locks and warded locks.

Tension Wrenches

Feather-touch wrenches are relatively new in the industry and they rely on a spring that aids the person picking the lock to keep a constant torque. There are locksmiths who claim these tools cut the control, and they avoid using them. They rather use tweezers for wafer locks, as they enable them to apply torque to both sides of a lock.

Circular wrench tools are also common tools locksmiths use to complete their daily tasks. They come with a spring that enables constant torque. Locks that are located in tight areas with little room around them or locks that cannot be picked with an L-shaped tool can be easily picked with the help of these tools.

Hook Picks

These tools feature a hook-shaped end used for picking and they are used for traditional lock picking. All standard lock picking toolboxes contain hooks of various shapes and sizes.

Ball Picking Tools

These ball picking tools feature rounded sides and they are part of most standard sets of tools that locksmiths use.

Half-diamond Lock Picks

By far some of the most commonly met and used lock picking tools, are best for tumbler locks. They are also a good solution for lock raking and picking disk locks. With the help of the sides of the half-diamond that have different angles, the locksmith can better manage the control inside the lock when picking it.

Broken Key Extractors

These are special tools that have been specially designed to help remove broken keys and broken car parts that might have remained stuck in a lock suffering a malfunction.

Inner Groove Lock Picks

These are specially designed for raking and they come with dedicated tension wrenches. They are normally manufactured to match custom laser locks for vehicle and they enable easy access into Audi, VW or BMW cars.

Pick Guns

Manual and electronic pick guns are a fast solution for opening locks. They must be used with a tension tool and they can only be used on pin tumbler locks.

Car Lock Picking ToolsCommon Tools A Locksmith Uses

Automotive lock picking tools also come in many different shapes and sizes, with the air fighter pro counting among the most common solutions. This tool relies on a bag that needs to be placed between the door frame and inflated in order to allow another tool to be used for popping the lock open. The bag can also aid locksmiths to grab the keys that have been accidentally locked inside a vehicle.

Lasso tools enable lock technicians to get access to older car models. Auto busters can be used for sidelocks as they enable locksmiths to easily manipulate the locks and pick them with less effort.

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