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Malibu locksmithsMalibu! Other locksmith companies ain't got nothing on us! When you think of a locksmith service, you probably do not believe of a locksmith service that can offer numerous services all at very affordable prices. However, with our services, we do just that. 

As you continue to read this article, you will discover the many services we offer why having us install home security systems​ will be a great asset to you.The locksmith service we provide is unparalleled, and as you will learn from reading this informative piece, we offer our clients only the best services possible. 

So if you are in need of a locksmith in Los Angeles then look no further - we are the locksmith for you. Our Los Angeles locksmith will be able to handle any problems you might have. 


Our 24 Hour Locksmith Malibu Services

Here at 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths we pride ourselves on the fantastic services we provide our customers. Our team of experts are the best in the industry and coupled with the exceptional services we provide also are our very affordable price for many of our services. We sincerely value the safety and security of our customers, and as a result, we have considered the price. 

Furthermore one of our most appreciated services we offer is the 24-hour locksmith services we provide our customers. Yes, that is right 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Wherever or whenever you need our assistance we will come responding and in record time. More about this will be explained a little bit further down in the article. 

Whatever time of day or wherever you may be our amazing team will be able to respond to you in record time. More will be explained further down in the article. 


Our Install Security System Malibu Services 

locksmith Malibu servicesAs mentioned earlier on, our install security system is without a doubt one of our most highly sought-after services. Never again will you have to worry about an intruder breaking into your home. We believe wholeheartedly that a home should be a place where you are completely at ease and because of our unwavering stance on this particular issue, we offer our customers the best security system available. 

We consider it a great travesty that many people do not have home security. For many people, they cannot afford home security, and as a result, they must go without. This is something that we vehemently combat with the very low prices for our services. Along with this we also offer emergency services as well. 

We have locksmith emergency services​​​ that can respond to you, anywhere you may be in 30 minutes or less. This is perhaps one of our hallmark services we provide. 30 minutes may sound like hyperbole, but this is exactly why our business has flourished because of the fantastic services we provide and at a breakneck pace. 

So now to answer how we can get our such speedy response because we are pretty sure you are curious about this particular services!!


Where Our Malibu Locksmith Team Can Get to in Under 30 Minutes!!! 

Time is significant. When you live in a bustling town like Malibu, we can understand that you may not have the time to wait for a locksmith. This is exactly why we have included in our business model to be able to respond to any of our clients in record time. 

This is a huge advantage for not only our business but for our customers as well. Never again will you have to wait for a locksmith who may take more than 30 minutes to get to you. We respond to our clients as if we would for a loved one.

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Your time is just as precious to us as our time is to ourselves. Never again wait HOURS for a locksmith we can significantly beat that time. We have heard many nightmarish stories where people called for a locksmith and had to wait for not 30 minutes, not an hour but several hours for a car locksmith service to come to their aid. 

When you call us and become part of our family, we treat you just like that, as a family. So call us today and know that you will get locksmith whose concerns are genuine. 

We are the Best Locksmith Team In Malibu

It can be very challenging trying to find a locksmith company that offers cheap services, emergency calls, speedy response, and a friendly yet professional relationship. However, we have managed to incorporate all of these qualities and do so very efficiently. 

Doing without security is a crime against you and your family. Never again have to place your family's safety to the wayside because of expenses. Call us today, and we can offer you the best security available at not having to sacrifice quality. When you let us service your needs, you not only get a locksmith service, but you get individuals who deeply care about the safety and security of you and your family. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 


For any locksmith service that Malibu residents require, call our 24/7 service line and get a qualified, professional locksmith in 30min for the lowest locksmith price on the market!

What Customers Say About Us

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Mark G.
Crockett Blvd

The keys to my office went missing, just disappeared last night. I was so frustrated, besides for being embarrassed in front of my employees, I also didn’t want to lose money due to the delay. I called for a locksmith and Justin came over straight away, he suggested re-keying the lock, in case my keys were stolen, I thought this was a great idea, and that’s what we did, he then made new keys for me on the spot.

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Tyler Goodman
Wilshire Blvd

My office is in Los Angeles and I often need to meet people. So the day my office door stopped to work, I was both sad and upset. My secretary called for me 247 ASAP Locksmiths and I was pleased from the fast job and professional education the guy from Locksmiths have. My work day was safe!

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Sophia Tucker
98th Street

Unexpected situations are always embarrassing and upsetting… especially if you have no time at all! When I realized my garage door wasn’t working I nearly got a heart attack! After a few minutes, I got a great idea and I called 247 ASAP Locksmiths: the guys arrived on time and did an excellent job!