The Most Dangerous Countries In Burglary Crime

most dangerous countries

If you were given the opportunity to travel anywhere on this planet, which country do you think you would not feel safe going to? Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place and foreign countries with completely different cultures than yours are usually not the most welcoming and protective countries for tourists. If you never took the time to do a serious analysis of this topic, but you would like to know which are the most dangerous countries you should steer clear from.

Global Peace Index Report Data

The Institute for Economics and Peace compiles the Global Peace Index report on a yearly basis. This is a unique report in the sense that it commensurates the degree of danger associated with 163 countries worldwide, or the equivalent of 99 percent of the world population.

It discerns between safe and unsafe nations relying on almost two dozens factors. Among these factors, we can mention elements like property crimes, homicides and internal conflicts. Each nation is given a score – the lower, the better. The 2018 report rated Syria as the most dangerous country in the world, with 3.6 points, an identical ranking to the one from a year before. Syria is followed by Afghanistan, South Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, and Russia, with Turkey and North Korea also part of the same ranking of dangerous nations.

The Most Dangerous Countries By Burglary Rate

most dangerous countriesNow switching on to the most dangerous countries by burglary rate, we should start by first defining what the term “burglary” means. Shortly put, a burglary is an act of accessing part of a building or a terrain without having any authorization for it. Burglaries are usually done with the help of force and the main reason behind them is to steal something. House and apartment theft, commercial space breaking and entering and the use of false bump keys are all examples of burglaries. The term, however, does not refer to a car, parking meter, vending machine theft, and other similar containers.

Now that we have defined what is considered a burglary, we can proceed to inform you what are the most dangerous countries in the world by burglary rate per 100, 000 population. The leading nation here is Chile with close to 1,200 reported burglaries per 100,000 people, followed by Denmark, Australia, Sweden, and Austria in random order.

Chile has lots of “cerrajerias” where you can copy regular keys (called “llaves”) in the country. They also have plenty of normal locksmith shops where it is possible to make a spare key with as little as 400-500 pesos per key or the equivalent of around 20 American Dollars. It is also possible to buy key covers and chains for small prices and have a key copied in a few minutes without having to remove the key from the chain. Lockouts are also handled fast and smoothly by the locksmiths in Chile. And, you can even find small "cerrajerias" stands near metros, inside city malls and at busy street corners with lost of foot traffic. Keeping your home safe here should therefore not be a big problem given the big number of lock technicians here. However, the number of home and commercial burglaries continues to be disturbingly large in the country, placing Chile on top of the list of countries by burglary rate. If you are getting ready to move here, make sure you take some precautionary measures to beef up security on your home.

Australia is another country with lots of expert locksmiths trained and skilled at installing, fixing, rekeying and replacing locks and keys and everything in between. Similarly to the American system, Aussie locksmiths who wish to become trade qualified locksmiths must complete an apprenticeship program through TAFE. Australians benefit from advanced technologies when completing their apprenticeships. This gives them a clear advantage in front of older locksmiths who refuse to embrace the changes and wish to stick to fixing brass locks and keys for the rest of their careers. Smart and electronic locks, access control systems, vault and safe locks with electronic keypads, advanced home alarm systems - these are all realities of our times and locksmiths must keep up with the trends if they wish to stay relevant and continue to help the population.

Burglary Crimes Rates In the United States

According to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics in the US, burglary crimes have dropped during recent years from a 13.9 rate per 1,000 households in 2014 to 11.2 per 1,000 households in 2015. Burglary on its own has also experienced a drop in numbers (22 percentile points) and large cities appear to enjoy better numbers compared to smaller areas. Also, the statistics vary from one region to another, with the Northeast recording the biggest drop in burglary crime in the country. No matter where in the Us you might reside, the 24/7 ASAP Locksmith service is here to assist you with your every home or car lockouts and lock replacement need triggered by a burglary attempt. We are available 24/7 and we work on holidays and on the weekends too. We can reach any US states and remote area and cut spare keys on the spot, re-key locks, fit new ones, install safety bars on windows, home alarms, peepholes, and doggy doors and help you with anything else you may need help with.

Property crimes result in billions of dollars in losses each year. Don't make your home the next victim of a neighborhood thief. Act cautiously and reinforce your entryways today for more peace of mind. Give us a call now and we will happily schedule an appointment for you.

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