Motorcycle Security Tips For All Riders

Motorcycle Security Tips For All Riders

More than 50,000 motorcycles get stolen on a yearly basis in the US alone. If you think it couldn't happen to you, think again. Wishful thinking is not a real motorcycle security solution for your home or laptop – so why would it be helpful for your motorbike?

Needless to say, motorcycles are one of the most expensive investments in a person's life, just like a car or a home for others. Passionate riders constantly invest in fresh upgrades and improvements, especially if they are interested in attending motorcycle shows and exhibits. Safety should, therefore, be a critical matter for owners. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to accurately care for the security of their motorcycle.

How To Make Sure Your Motorcycle Doesn't Get Stolen

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While motorcycles take very little parking space and they are also better transportation alternatives for the environment for obvious reasons, they are also more vulnerable in the hands of property criminals. Someone who is determined enough to leave home with your parked motorcycle could use a few handy friends to pick it up and place it in a van and take off with it. Of course, they would need to act in secluded places with no foot traffic, surveillance cameras or lights.

Here is what you can do to make potential thieves' work more difficult:

  • Use ignition locks and locks for your steering; just make sure the locks are different from one another. This way, you will force thieves to spend extra time trying to steal your motorcycle – no crook wants to spend a lot of time doing the deed, as they could risk being easily spotted by a concerned citizen. If you need help installing a new set of locks on your motorcycle or you need motorcycle key replacement, you should get in touch with an expert locksmith service that specializes in motorcycles. The 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team is here to assist you with any motorcycle key or ignition problems. We work fast, efficient and affordable and we are available in all US states on a 24/7 basis.

  • Use a cover for your motorcycle to at least stop enticing passers-by check out your bike and be tempted to grab it. It's similar to parking your car inside the garage when you get home, instead of leaving it in the driveway where everyone can see it. There are special motorcycle covers you could look into online and offline. Choose the right size and opt for some sturdier fabrics that should also keep your precious ride protected against bad weather and the elements.

  • Park in well-lit, secure areas. Try to avoid parking your motorcycle in areas with no surveillance camera, no security guards and no lights. Always opt for locations that are right within your sight, when possible. Steer clear from parking your motorbike nearby larger trucks and vehicles, as you will make thieves' job easier. Look for establishment doors whenever possible.

Why Motorcycle Locksmiths Are Important

A licensed, authorized and insured and/or bonded locksmith for motorcycles should be able to help you boost security on your motorcycle. A lost set of keys means your bike is in danger of being stolen a lot easier. Have your lost or broken keys immediately replaced with the help of professional lost motorcycle key replacement services. Broken motorcycle ignition preventing you from using your bike normally? Get in touch with us and let us fix it or replace any faulty parts on the spot. We service all makes and models of motorcycles and we can offer pertinent advice concerning the most reliable motorcycle locksmith solutions for enhanced security.

A locksmith for motorcycles can also install or fix disc and fork locks. They are excellent security solutions for any bike as they secure it in place by effectively locking the wheel. A thief who manages to find your motorcycle keys will not be able to put them to use and take off with your ride, as the fork lock will stop them. Disk locks are similar and they can effectively prevent a bike from moving by securing its brake.

Additional Motorcycle Security Tips For Owners

Try to always anchor your motorcycle when leaving it somewhere parked for enhanced protection. Use a fixed pole or a similar solid structure.

Double-check that you carry your keys on you at all times. Make a habit out of looking behind when leaving a restaurant or your office/home and never leave your keys in the ignition. This is true for running quick errands.

For extra protection, record the key number on your bike and have it filed until it is no longer readable. Provided someone does manage to steal your motorcycle, they will have a much difficult time getting the right key for your ride. Just make sure you stick to your key number so you can provide it to an authorized locksmith in case you need a spare key. Just keep in mind a stolen motorcycle with a missing key number will be easier to sell on the black market.

Have a security camera installed. Opt for one that can be tied to your smartphone or laptop and use it to constantly keep an eye on your motorcycle. Whenever someone gets near your motor, you should receive a warning on your phone in real-time.

Finally, engine kill switches are also excellent solutions for motorcycle security. They can prevent your bike from moving anywhere when sued together with dick locks.

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