Maintaining Home Security When You Move

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Moving homes can make anyone a target for would-be criminals. With boxes strewn about, harried adults trying to tame unruly children, airborne packing paper, and movers who repeatedly ask where things belong, it is easy to get lost in the haze of details.  If you allow that to happen, however, you inadvertently make a thief’s job that much easier and in turn, yours that much harder. Learn how to secure your belongings and maintain your home's security as you move.

Keeping Your Home Secure as You Move

In addition to the laundry list of items that need to be taken care of when you move, you must be on the lookout for predators, thieves, and anyone who may be eyeing your prized possessions. Take a look at the following tips:security tips for moving homes

Open Windows and Doors

The reality is that most of us function best in an area that has open airflow, particularly when we are transferring items from house to the truck, and then, to another house. No one is saying you should become a shut-in while you move but remember this. If you can move into and out of your home without unlocking a door or window, so can any thief. Keep your doors locked whether you are inside or outside and make sure windows, including those in rooms you are in, are closed.

Expensive Items Exposed

As you figure out what goes where in your new place, or on the moving truck, it is very easy to leave your belongings exposed and out in the open. Until you have locked the doors of your old place for the last time, make sure that expensive items are not in public view.  Big screen TV’s that are unplugged, jewelry that has yet to be packed, piles of miscellaneous electronics, and prized appliances left unsupervised, are easy to spot and steal. Cover them, put them away, and prevent yourself from becoming someone’s victim.

Open Window Shades

While you do not have to pack your belongings in the dark, remember that open shades and blinds allow would-be thieves to have an even better view of what they hope to take.  In the evening when lights are on, keeping your shades closed is even more important as your windows will be that much easier to see through. In fact, if burglars can see in, they can more easily monitor your movements within the house, and strategize when and how to make their move.

Security System Not in Use

Let’s say you purchased an alarm system our local locksmith technicians for the home that you are moving out of.  You bought that system because it was expertly installed and kept you safe and secure.  That said, why would you even consider not alarming your home while you still live in it?  Make sure you engage the alarm until you no longer live there. Do not give key codes to your moving company’s staff and make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you key in passwords and alarm commands.

Establishing Your New Home’s Security

Now that you have moved out of one home, you need to make sure that your new one is safe and secure.  Check out these tips to help you make your home transition as seamless and smart as possible.

  • Hire a reputable moving service.  The crew doing the heavy lifting will have full access to your belongings at all times. Check reviews and new home securitycustomer satisfaction before choosing a service.  This will help secure items as they exit and then, make their way into, your new home.

  • Install an alarm system before you move into your new home. This will reduce the amount of time needed to sort through the process of choosing an alarm and will help you establish yourself in your new place with greater peace of mind.  

  • Get to know your new neighbors. You are the new guys on the block and as such, will need to introduce yourselves and make friends.  Over time, you will be able to discern which neighbors you trust and which ones you would rather not give a spare key to. Work out a “buddy system” with your newfound friends, however, and have them keep an eye on your house when you are not home, and then offer to do the same for them.  A little friendship goes a long way!

  • Change the locks on the doors, windows, and garage. It does not matter who you bought your house from, how nice they are, and how trustworthy you believe them to be.  Always change the locks on your doors, windows, and garage so that anyone who may have made a spare key for themselves before you moved in, is prevented from having access to your new place. This will also prevent you from wasting time by making sure you have all the keys to the existing locks. Change them all and start anew.

  • Become familiar with the nooks and crannies of your property. While your home has been there for a while, it is still new to you. Scout out potential hiding spots, bushes that block your view around your house, and other places both in and outside the home that make good hideaways for potential burglars.

When it is time to set up your new alarm system, you know who to contact. 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths will be ready and waiting!

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