Protect Your Locks From Rust And Corrosion

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All across the U.S, everyone is buzzing with excitement and beauty from our stars to our scenery, but our proximity to the sea can produce unwanted complications. That cool ocean breeze that blows through the city makes for a relaxing atmosphere, but a harmful environment for metal objects. From the body of your car to the locks on your home, rust can wreak havoc wherever it goes. It's important to know the causes and preventative techniques to saving yourself the hassle of rust damage.

How does rust work?

Essentially, rust is the formation of iron oxide on a metal surface the creates a chemical change in the metal. Rust occurs when metal is exposed to water and the oxidization process can be accelerated by the presence of salt in the air. This chemical change initially affects the metal's surface texture, but eventually can weaken the metal. When a lock is exposed to salty ocean air, it is vulnerable to this reaction as well. Rust can create many complications in locks, from locks becoming brittle or weak to the rust build up blocking the key entry into the cylinder. It is critical that you take preventative measures and address any rust as soon it is noticed. Delaying the repair of a rusty lock could prevent you from being able to use a key in that lock, and eventually could compromise the function of the lock, making it easy to break. The first time you get your key stuck in a lock, it's time to call a locksmith near you about your options. 

When to get a lock replaced

Even when precautions are taken to avoid locks rusting, sometimes rusting may still occur, especially over many years. When this does happen, it is important to know the signs to look for to know when it is best to replace the lock. The first signs of rust are a discoloration of metal and you may notice tones of red, orange or brown on your locks. This may be accompanied by rough texture. As soon as you notice any of these signs, or have difficulty inserting or retrieving your key from the lock, it is important to take necessary steps to remove rust if possible. However, sometimes removal of the rust is not possible and the lock must be replaced

Be prepared. How to find the right lock for saline conditions.

Specialized locks, normally referred to as marine locks are specifically engineered to withstand the harmful effects of saltwater exposure. Usually, the production of these locks includes some sort of stainless steel body which is resistant to salt corrosion, or a plastic coating that protects whatever type of metal a lock is made of. Additionally, rubber gaskets may be put on the lock between the shackle and body to help protect the inside of the lock, because in some cases, lock bodies are weather resistant but the inner-workings are not. Our residential locksmiths are able to make recommendations on which weatherproof locks may be best for your home or office. 

We're here to help!

Contact one of our specialists today for more information regarding the best locks for your environment. Our professionals have years of experience in the area and know how to work with all the environmental factors present. We are available for onsite consultation and ready to replace locks that may have already been compromised by rust. Each of our locksmiths is licensed, insured and experienced; and we offer competitive pricing for our outstanding services. Let one of our professional local locksmiths help you optimize your locking system today and protect your home or office locking systems from rust and corrosion. 

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247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
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