Why You Need Ski And Snowboard Locks

Ski And Snowboard Locks

Getting ready to pack and travel to your favorite ski resort this winter break? Are you a big snowboarder eager to hit the slopes as soon as the first snowflakes hit the ground? Like most winter sports fans, you have probably invested a lot of money, energy and thought into buying the best gear you could afford.

Like any other prized possession you own, the last thing you want is to have your expensive skiing equipment get stolen or damaged while traveling or when in storage at home. To come to your help, here are a few of the most efficient solutions that should enhance security on your skis and snowboards when driving or flying to a new destination.

Use Ski Locks And Ski Bags When Flying

So you've booked your mountain cabin for your upcoming ski and snowboard vacation and you are now frantically checking for the weather forecast. Your trip is getting closer and you know it is time to get ready for one of the most dreaded travel chores: packing. Since you are going skiing or assuming you are a passionate snowboarder owning their own custom snowboard, you will need to take some extra precautionary measures to keep your gear safe from harm's way while traveling.

Flying with your skis and/or snowboards is easier said than done, especially if you've never done it before. While most airlines will have no problem allowing you to check your ski bag as a normal bag at the airport, it would be helpful to opt for a special ski bag so the luggage check-in can go smoother and with fewer complications. Plus, some airline companies are known for their harsher regulations concerning skiing and snowboarding gear.

To overcome any potential problems, here is what we recommend you do:

Ski And Snowboard Locks

  • Always get your luggage setup dialed in. Choose a wheeled ski bag and/or a snowboard bag. You will have an easier time using a wheeled bag to move around the airport, while also enjoying some extra packing space for your ski poles, gloves, boots, and other gear.

  • A simple or double ski-roller bag is suitable for bulkier items such as your outerwear, and clothes. These bags are also good for snowboarders.

  • Opt for a ski lock or a snowboard lock when traveling by air for enhanced protection for your sports gear. The Lewis N. Clark Cable Ski Lock is an excellent choice of a lock for both your skis and poles. You can use the lock on your bags, briefcases, luggage, and other suitcases. The lock is also perfect for skis and snowboards, along with laptop bags.

  • The lock's cable is made of reliable thermoplastic rubber that ensures a good grip, as well as ABS housing made of plastic. The interior of the housing consists of a retractable braided cable made of steel. The cable is 30 inches long and it is scratch-free thanks to the special coated. The cable comes with a 3-digit combo lock for more security. Just make sure no one sees you using your unique combination on the slopes, if you plan on using your cable lock in between skiing breaks, or they could take off with your skis. While this product is one of the highest-ranking ski and snowboard locks you could currently find online, it never hurts to be extra careful when inserting your combination lock. Thanks to the flexibility of the steel in the cable, you should benefit from enhanced ease of use ease while securing your winter gear.

Use Snowboard Locks When Driving To Your Destination

Driving to your destination automatically means making at least a couple of pit stops to get more fuel, snacks, and water. While busy paying for the gas or using the restroom, your car could be quickly broken into or stolen, especially if left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Someone could take off with your beloved skiing or snowboarding equipment even before you reach your destination, so make sure you prevent that from happening by using these next few tips:

  • Use a top-quality snowboard and ski lock like the Allnice ET-152 Mini Portable Ski Lock ranked #1 on the majority of sites that review ski locks. The lock features a sturdy zinc hook that can effectively withstand corrosion, which is important when dealing with a constantly wet, snowy environment up in the mountains and on the slopes. The lock also comes with a coiling metal cable covered in PVC plastic for scratch-protection. The cable is 2mm cable and it can stretch up to 59 inches when used. The cable will automatically retract back when it is not used, so you should have no problem carrying this portable lock on you at all times, in your backpack. Plus, it is extremely lightweight and it also features a 3-digit combination code you can reset every time you need to – for example, if you want to lend your skiing equipment to your friends.

  • Use the cable to tie up your skis, saddles or helmet in a public place and get the peace of mind you need knowing your precious gear is properly protected against opportunist thieves. Just keep in mind a wire cutter could be used by some well-equipped thieves on the slopes.

Talk to an expert locksmith and have them introduce you to some additional portable padlocks and luggage locks you could also make use of during your trip for enhanced protection.


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