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They say a door is only as good as its lock. If we are to look at the latest home burglary and property crime statistics, it is easy to confirm this popular saying. Close to 90 percent of all burglaries occur on residential properties, and three out of four homes are prone to be burglarized in the upcoming two decades.

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The statistics are also disturbing when it comes to renters. Apparently, they are more likely to fall victim to property criminals than homeowners. The police are not very helpful either. Because of the lack of eye-witnesses and palpable evidence, they only manage to solve 13 percent of property crimes that are reported. With a staggering home burglary occurring every 13 seconds and close to 35 percent of burglars using the front door to make their way into a house, you may want to double-check the lock on your entryways. By the time you finish inspecting your front/back doors or first-floor windows, around 23 new homes will be visited by an opportunist burglar or a neighborhood criminal.

Can you feel the shivers down your spine just yet? It's time to get familiarized with the most popular and efficient types of lock brands you can currently find on the market.

The Best Door Locks For Residential Properties

Deadbolts and mortise locks are some of the best door locks that make for excellent go-to protection measures for residential doors. When used together with the standard lock on a door, they work their magic and keep most intruders away. They are better than spring bolt locks since they cannot be moved from their original position without using a key that needs to be placed inside the cylinder.

#1: The Schlage B660P

This is one of the highest recommended deadbolt locks thanks to its power and impressive Grade 1 ANSI rating. The rating can be translated into a long period of time required for picking this type of lock. The Schlage lock brand is popular worldwide for its excellent strike plates that prevent immediate damage to its internal components. This also translates to repetitive failed attempts of kicking in a door. This particular model enables easy lock manipulation with a single finger, which makes it good for locking a door when your arms are full of grocery bags.

#2 Kwikset 980 Single Cylinder

The Kwikset brand is also one of the top brands used by millions of people all over the planet. Their ANSI Grade 1 lock uses the SmartKey technology. This turns it into one of the locks with the best ROIs, given the fact that it enables simple re-keying that can be done by homeowners, without the need to hire a locksmith. The money you will get to save by having this lock professionally fitted will make the investment well worth it in a few months or a couple of years.

The lock also comes with a strike plate, but its overall design enables it to withstand an impressive amount of force. This lock can also be locked with a single finger and it is easily adjustable to all standard doors, no matter how thick.

#3: Schlage L9040 Mortise Lock

This lock is primarily recommended for serving the needs of commercial clients, with emphasis on medical or education buildings. However, no one will stop you from having an expert locksmith install this lock on your home. The lock goes over one million open/close cycles with zero issues. The Schlage L9000 series also incorporates the Vandlgard mortise lockset, which comes with a reinforced strike plate that protects it from any tampering attempts.

#4: Sargent 8225 Exit Door Lock

This is also a mortise lock that is ANSI Grade 1 rated. All the lock's pieces have been previously assembled, which means fitting such a lock on a door can be done quickly and effortless. The majority of mortise locks have to be installed by professional locksmiths, but this particular brand enables DIY installation. The lock comes with an interior thumb-burn that makes interior locking/unlocking easy without the use of a key. Keep in mind having such a lock near a window may not be a good idea in case of a burglary attempt.

#5: Grainger Yale Privacy 8800 Mortise Lock

This is one of the best lock brands you could also invest in thanks to its 3-hour fire-resistant feature. It is recommended for use in minimum security prisons, but it can also be successfully used in residential homes. The lock comes with no visible screws, which means tampering is almost impossible.

4% Of Burglars Sneak In Using An Unlocked Door

They say ignorance is bliss. While this may be true in some aspects of life, it is certainly not the case when talking about door locks and home security management. Forgetting to lock the door behind you when getting home from work late at night once every few months is as bad as it is. Never/rarely checking the locks on your main entryways before going to bed, on the other hand, is simply unacceptable.

The garage is also a common entryway close to 10 percent of burglars prefer to use when making their way into a home they are planning on burglarizing. A lot of homes communicate with the garage via a separate door that oftentimes gets ignored. Statistics speak of 4 percent of home break-ins occurring because of a garage door that has been left open or improperly secured with quality locks. Even doors on second floors are sometimes used as entryways by property criminals.

The solution: Opt for the best door locks for your main entryways. Do not ignore the garage door, the back door, or doors on superior floors. Double-check if all doors are locked when arriving home or before going to bed. Never leave home without checking you have locked all the doors behind you. Set reminders on your phone if you need something to alert you to check the doors if you tend to be more forgetful.

The Kick

Be prepared for a disappointing fact proven by tens of thousands of burglaries each year: a weak door with a powerful lock on it can still be kicked open. No matter how much money and energy you might have invested in selecting the best lock you could find, there is still a great chance of someone with Bruce Lee's habits to kick it in.

The solution: A mix of sturdy metal or wooden core door, a powerful single- or double-cylinder deadbolt, and several ancillary accessories will create an almost undefeated combination.

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