Tornado Lockdown Safety Tips

tornado lockdown safety tips

The rise in the number of tornadoes and other extreme weather phenomenons requires us to be prepared for emergencies at all times and to have a tornado emergency plan at hand.  

These hazardous phenomenons are known to destroy large land surfaces and wreak havoc anywhere they go. With intense debates on global warming being the main culprit for these problems, we are left looking at the worrying statistics, keeping a close eye on extreme weather alerts and doing our best to stay safe. Because our main focus is on helping our customers be and stay safe 24/7 with the help of the most suitable security solutions for their homes or commercial buildings, we decided to tell you what to do in case of a tornado and how to build an efficient tornado emergency plan.

What Is Tornado Safety Lockdown?

Tornado safety lockdown refers to the lockdown you will need to do once you will receive a tornado warning. In other words, the locking of all people and, if possible, important items in a place that you consider to be safe inside your home or commercial building. The lockdown location could consist of a certain room of your home, the basement or a similar place. It is mandatory to keep an eye on any news announcing extreme weather conditions in your area via our computer, phone, TV or land phone land.

What To Do In A Tornado Lockdown?

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It is essential to stay alert and remain in touch with professional weather forecasts that might be announcing updates regarding the probability of a tornado heading your way. The official authorities will usually do this via local and nationwide TV stations, as well as local radio stations. If you work in an office building, you should use the intercom system and sound a continuous alarm to let everyone know about the imminent tornado coming your way. This means the entire personnel should be familiar with the contents of the tornado emergency plan and immediately understand what the continuous siren means. They should be prompted to immediately go to the designated safe room. The alert should be issued when the tornado is at least one hundred miles away, as the unpredictable character of these phenomenons will prevent you from knowing exactly how soon it will hit.

The tornado lockdown procedure should have clear steps and guidelines and it should also be put into practice by the entire personnel at least twice throughout the year. Everyone should be clearly instructed not to run towards the tornado shelters or create chaos around them while trying to let others know about the imminency of the tornado.

What Should A Tornado Shelter Contain?

In order to serve its purpose of helping people likely to turn into victims of the tornado, these shelters should include a series of critical items, including:

  • First aid kits

  • Bottled water

  • Snacks

  • Blankets

  • Clothes and shoes that can effectively protect people against shredded pieces of glass

  • Communication channels (cellphones with spare batteries)

  • Bike helmets

tornado warning safety tips

As for the ideal location for tornado shelters, it should be a room without any mirrors and windows that may break and cause cutting injuries. An underground location is, therefore, prone to do its job efficiently. Basements and storm cellars would work well, but in case you do not have either of them, you should search for a safe room on the ground floor. Make sure its door is sturdy enough to keep everyone safe. For better results, opt for sturdy furniture items. Closets, bathrooms and other similar rooms are known to withstand powerful tornadoes. Thanks to their supportive wall framing, these rooms, together with bathtubs make for excellent hideouts.

Nevertheless, if your bathroom has been designed with lots of glass items, you may be still subjecting yourself to some risks. Remember to bring in blankets and mattresses so you can protect your body against the broken glass pieces. If you do not have a bathtub or there isn't enough room for everyone inside the house, you should lie flat on the floor or use a table or a stairwell as a hideout. Keep n mind the stairwell should be in the middle of the room in order to serve its purpose.

Set Up Clear Tornado Safety Lockdown Protocols

Make sure everyone knows what the protocol in case of a tornado is. No one should be able to enter or leave the shelter during the tornado. Once the authorities will issue a public announcement clearly stating that the tornado has passed and the perils are gone, everyone can safely leave the shelter. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration state that the average lead-time for an approaching tornado is of 13 minutes. This is the time frame you will need to use to make sure everyone inside the house or at the office/inside your commercial building will reach the safe room.

Act Responsibly

If you feel like you should take responsibility for putting the tornado safety lockdown procedure in place, make sure you keep a clear head and use your lucid thinking. Try not to panic and make everyone around you panic as well. Schools and hospitals should have tornado safe zones, while residential homes should have a few reinforced elements for more protection. For example, the bathrooms and closets should be reinforced with new, sturdier doors and powerful locks that should also help people trying to escape the devastating effects of a tornado.

Despite the increased public awareness in terms of tornado threats, the number of fatalities is far from null. There is also the risk of homes being burglarized after the tornado has passed, as most affected families will be forced to move out and leave their homes vulnerable in the hands of thieves.

A locksmith near you can help you get back into an accidentally locked home or make duplicate keys in case you have lost your old set in the tornado. We also offer enhanced home and office security solutions and we are available 24/7 to answer post-tornado emergencies.

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