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Ever wonder what is the difference between a car key remote and transponder key? Most cars come with both, find out which is which, and what are their functions.

We are all familiar with the classic metal car key we use to secure our vehicles when parked. Most people cannot imagine these keys ever going obsolete. However, the fast-paced car manufacturing industry is causing these flat keys to slowly lose their popularity.

Modern cars come with transponder chips and remote control key fobs. In fact, if you own a car that was built in the last decade or so, you are most likely starting it with the help of a transponder key; or maybe you are unlocking it with the help of a remote key fob. These are all genuine technology miracles that can provide drivers with extra protection against thieves, while also making the unlocking procedure a lot more convenient.

Despite the increased popularity of these solutions, there are still people who wrongfully believe control key fobs and transponder chip keys are one and the same. We plan on shedding some light over the matter in an attempt to help you understand the difference between them, which should further help you deal with any car lock mechanism malfunction.

Remote Keys VS Transponder Keys: Notable Differences

car key remoteMost of today's cars use remote keys instead of the traditional flat keys, and they are also usually fitted with transponder locks that do not require the use of any keys or passkeys. The main difference between them is, as follows: transponder keys can unlock a vehicle without using a key, while the engine will not start without it. A remote key, on the other hand, will open the doors, but drivers will not be able to start the car if the remote does not work. In case the remote control unit fails to work normally, drivers can use their flat key.

There are remote controller keys that feature units that have been built on the key's head, while others have been incorporated right into the key. A dead battery means the device will automatically stop working. It is possible to use a key to unlock the vehicle without causing the car alarm to go off in case the remote is not working.

Remote transponder keys rely on controller chips, which play a significant role in the car's anti-theft mechanism. They are excellent indirect deterrents when it comes to car thieves, as long as they are working properly. Once the engine is unable to ignite, and the alarm won't go off, it is necessary to contact a car locksmith for help. 24/7 ASAP Locksmith specializes in all types of automotive locksmith services and can provide you with instant help with any remote transponder key problems you might be having. Keep in mind these mechanisms are usually found on more expensive cars, and thieves tend to target these types of cars more often. Any malfunction or vulnerability in the remote transponder system will increase the risk of car theft.

Licensed and authorized car locksmiths can handle all the maintenance, repair, and re-programming needs of a transponder system with the help of special tools.

How Do Transponder Car Keys Work?

All new cars we can now see on the road come with various types of transponder keys. These keys feature an RF transmitter on the interior. There is also a device located in the ignition switch area that features a receiver. When drivers need to start the engine, they will use the transponder key that will send a low-level signal that can be detected when there is a key in the switch.

The main reason why these keys have been manufactured comes from the fact that they can effectively stop vehicles from being hot-wired and stolen. Since a car will refuse to start if it cannot detect the previously mentioned signal from the key, it will make stealing the car almost impossible. Also, any attempt to use a copied key will be rendered useless, and the same goes for any hot wiring trials. The lack of the right type of signal from the key is, therefore, drivers' first line of protection against potential thieves.

If you are not sure whether your car has a transponder key or not, you should carefully look at the key and see if you notice the plastic side being thicker than other car keys. While this is not the only rule of thumb to follow, it is a good indicator. You can also wrap the key's plastic part using a few layers of tin foil, then start the engine. If it fails to start, you are most likely looking at a transponder key.

How Do Remote Keys Work?car remote

Key fobs are electronic devices that enable cars to locked/unlocked from a remote distance without the use of a metal key. Whenever the lock/unlock button is activated, the fob sends a signal that reaches the car via infrared or radio waves. Once the signal is recognized, it will open or lock the door.

Remote/key combo solutions feature a key with a plastic head that hosts a remote. These remote/key combos can not only unlock a vehicle, but they can also be used to unlock trunks, raise windows and manipulate sunroofs. They are powered with the help of small batteries and they need to be programmed with the help of onboard programming or specialized diagnostic gear attached to a car's OBD2 port.

There are also smart or proxy keys that work similarly, locking and unlocking the car, the trunk, controlling the windows and sunroofs and starting the car from a remote distance, once the right button is being pressed. They can be used from inside a pocket or a purse, which adds even more convenience.

For any key fob or transponder system problem, be sure to get in touch with us and let us send over the nearest authorized locksmith in your area.

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