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Locked keys in car service? Asking yourself the question "I locked my keys in my car who do I call"? Trying to pry a trunk open or using improper tools to activate the trunk release could result in damage to the exterior appearance of your vehicle or the structural integrity of your trunk latching system. To ensure that you retrieve your car key safely and without any damage to your vehicle, utilize the help of our locksmiths at 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths and rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. 

I'm locked out of my car. Should I try breaking into it?

lock keys in car service

While it may seem tempting to follow the directions of online videos or the experience of friends who have successfully broken into their own vehicles, this is usually not advisable. While it is not impossible to gain entry to your vehicle using some of these methods, your desired outcome may not be achieved. People attempting to break into their vehicles usually do so in an attempt to save both time and money. However, their results may yield the opposite. Breaking into your own vehicle (or home, for that matter) can be tricky to do and may end up taking you much more time than calling a professional would have. Not to mention, the damage you may cause to your vehicle and locking mechanisms may end up costing you more money to fix than the low prices of a simple lockout response from a professional. 

I'm looking locked keys in car service need a quick locksmith response. What now?

At 24/7 ASAP Locksmiths, our professionals work around the clock every day of the week, even Holidays, to ensure that you are always covered. We can respond to any of your emergency situations quickly and provide efficient and affordable help. If you've been locked out of your vehicle, give us a call and we will send help right away. When you reach us, we'll want to know where you are located so our locksmiths can find you. Have the address or nearest street intersection ready when you call so we can come straight to you. Also, let us know if there is any sort of emergency situation like a child in a vehicle or a dangerous weather situation. You may also need to call the police if we will not be there quick enough. 

When we arrive:

broken car lock

If you've locked your keys in the car, our professionals can quickly and safely unlock your car door or trunk. But even if it's not a car lockout response that you need, we carry all of our equipment with us, so we are ready for any job at any time. We have years of experience with all makes and models of vehicles and many different lock types. We can rekey locks, fix ignitions, repair locks or make you new keys- and we don't even need the original to do it! We can fit new car keys for your vehicle just using your lock. Because our locksmiths travel with all their tools and all the best and most popular lock and key types, they are sure to have whatever you need.

The quality you need at the prices you deserve

Our nationwide services are unmatched in quality and efficiency and we guarantee all the work we do. Not only that, but we also offer the most competitive prices, making our company an easy choice for whatever your locksmiths' needs are. We want to be the professionals you can count on for rapid response, quality work, and courteous professionals. Visit our website for more information on pricing and services to find out how we can help you. 

Call us today for a locked key in car service and unbeatable prices!


What Customers Say About Us

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Mark G.
Crockett Blvd

The keys to my office went missing, just disappeared last night. I was so frustrated, besides for being embarrassed in front of my employees, I also didn’t want to lose money due to the delay. I called for a locksmith and Justin came over straight away, he suggested re-keying the lock, in case my keys were stolen, I thought this was a great idea, and that’s what we did, he then made new keys for me on the spot.

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Tyler Goodman
Wilshire Blvd

My office is in Los Angeles and I often need to meet people. So the day my office door stopped to work, I was both sad and upset. My secretary called for me 247 ASAP Locksmiths and I was pleased from the fast job and professional education the guy from Locksmiths have. My work day was safe!

247 ASAP Locksmiths Testimonial
Sophia Tucker
98th Street

Unexpected situations are always embarrassing and upsetting… especially if you have no time at all! When I realized my garage door wasn’t working I nearly got a heart attack! After a few minutes, I got a great idea and I called 247 ASAP Locksmiths: the guys arrived on time and did an excellent job!