Top 7 Things A Burglar Will Never Tell You


Home safety is a critical topic that should be on the mind of every homeowner or tenant. These secret burglar tips should help you make your home safer.

Everyone wants to know their home and family are always protected against potential dangers and risks. We all leave home for work in the morning and come back expecting to find everyone safe and sound. Unfortunately, simply hoping for something does not automatically make it happen.

There is an increasingly growing number of property crime and home break-ins across cities all over the country. You need palpable preemptive measures to handle the risks. Underestimating the perils of neighborhood burglars lurking around in search of their next victim thinking it won't happen to you is not going to work. Keep in mind burglaries oftentimes lead to negative emotional and financial consequences which often times last for years. Why take a chance and inflict such trauma on you and your family when you could take some time and evaluate your security needs, and find ways to cater to them? Having an inside look into burglars' minds can help with this, and today we are going to reveal to you some of their darkest and most hidden thoughts. So make sure you lock the front door and any ground-floor windows, grab some coffee and let's get started.

#1: Home Burglars Knock

While you may think a burglar will simply put surveillance on your home and watch it from a distance, writing down your every move and acting at the right time, the truth is they too also take extra precautionary measures. For example, they knock on a door before they are ready to pull out their crowbar or lock picking tools. If someone answers the door, they have a line ready. They either ask for directions or offer to mow your lawn. Has this ever happen to you? You might have escaped an attempted burglary.

Remember to always think twice before letting a complete stranger take on a minor task in or around the house and only use trained professionals you can trust – and have used before in the past.

#2: They've Probably Already Been Inside Your Houselandscaper

If you happen to recognize a wanted crook's face on a neighborhood post or you can identify his face from a lineup of burglars in case you are called in by the police after a burglary, it is because they've already visited you. They either came just a couple of weeks before and cleaned your carpets or delivered a new A/C system. In the meantime, they spotted your most precious appliances and belongings and scanned their locations, then came back at a later time when the house was empty.

#3: They Will Ask To Use Your Bathroom

While mowing your lawn or cleaning the gutters, a handyman that has another secret “profession” is also likely to ask for your permission to use your bathroom or grab a glass of cold water from the kitchen. In other words, they will be looking for a way into your home in order to unlatch a back window or door you rarely use and make their upcoming return a lot smoother.

Always double-check all your windows and doors at the end of the day and never trust someone whose credentials you have never checked to enter your home, especially unsupervised.

#4: They Assess Your Home's Curb Appeal

It could be a glance at your lovely flower or a deeper look at your Koi Pond/big pool/luxury barbecue area and other similar amenities. All of these will confirm your good taste and financial potential and make them want to see what else they can find inside your home. One thing is certain: in their eyes, you have classy taste, and they want to get their hands on your stuff.

If you have a lot of valuable items stored inside your house, take some superior security measures. Hire an expert locksmith for homes and have them assess your current risks and vulnerabilities and advise you upon the best smart home security system or at least wireless surveillance, electronic deadbolt locks safety bars on the windows. A locked gate around your property's perimeter should also help keep prying eyes away.

#5: Burglars Look For Newspapers Piling Up

They will interpret it as a sign that no one has been home for at least a few days. Vacations are some of their favorite times to do the deed, so make sure you ask for a friendly neighbor to pick up your mail for you, including any mail in your mailbox.

During the winter, ask for the same trustworthy neighbor to create some footmarks and car tracks leading from the driveway into your house. Create the illusion that you are actually home, even though you are probably working on your tan and trying out different cocktail flavors on a sunny beach somewhere.

#6: Burglars Look For The Alarm Control Pad

If your front door has decorative glass on it, make sure the control pad of your home alarm isn't located somewhere visible. Talk to the security company prior to installation and make this request crystal clear. You could also get in touch with a reliable locksmith and have them fit wireless or smart locks and surveillance cameras with zero wires that can be cut off.

#7: Loud TV Sounds Scare Them Off

They work better than the most expensive home security alarm system you may think about installing. If you need to go out for the evening, remember to leave the TV or the radio on.

Remember burglars never take a day off, and they are usually deterred by sturdy doors and locks, especially deadbolt locks that are more difficult to pick. If you need to replace your old locks, or would like to upgrade your overall security, get in touch with us today.

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