7 Home Security Tips You Should Know

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These following home security tips can be a game-changer for you! Find out how to keep your home safe with these basic tips everyone should know.

Having sturdy locks on your entryway doors is your number one line of defense against potential home burglars and intruders. Our professional lock technicians can provide you with the most reliable, fast and affordable home security services, ranging from lock installation and re-keying to peephole installation. For any issues with your locks or keys, feel free to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. For additional anti-break-in solutions, here are a few tips that everyone should know and use constantly for best results.

Tip #1: Use Your Locks

Simply having the sturdiest deadbolt lock model installed on your front door means nothing if you don't actually make use of it when you should. Which is pretty much all the time, whether you are home or not. Locks are meant to be used to keep neighborhood or opportunist thieves out of your home. Still, there is a surprising number of home burglaries that are done because someone forgot to lock a door behind them. Despite you knowing your neighbors or living in a relatively safe area, you can never actually trust that your home will never be visited by a crook.

Make a habit out of always locking any spring locks that are easier to be broken into, as well as any mortise or deadlocks on your exterior locks. Adding swing latches and chain locks will also ensure your property is better protected against criminals.

Tip #2: Keep All Windows Lockedkeep windows locked

Yet another healthy home security habit that is oftentimes ignored for various reasons. If you count among those who rely on their windows to cool your home or let fresh air in, you may want to figure out some different solutions. For example, you can install an A/C system and use it to change the air inside your home instead of relying on your windows.

Install powerful locks on the windows if you do not already have them and make sure they are sturdy enough to prevent potential intruders from getting them open from the outside. Remember to keep all the windows locked all the time. Simply closing them will not suffice.

Tip #3: Re-key The Locks

Whether you are moving into a new place, you have lost or misplaced one of your keys, or you are simply looking to upgrade your locking system, a lock re-key service is just what you need. It's fast, easy to do, affordable and will always prove to be an excellent investment.

Tip #4: Don't Leave Valuables In Plain Sight

You might be tempted to leave your laptop, tablet, or necklace you've recently used laying around the house. After all, you're inside and the doors are locked, so why would you care where you store your prized possessions? The answer might shock you a little: someone might be watching. Hidden behind your rose bush or pretending to be speaking on the phone in a parked car in your driveway, a neighborhood thief might be studying your schedule, habits and valuable items right now, while you are reading this. The same passer-by might be walking in front of your ground-floor window several times a day, just to catch a glimpse at the items that are easy to spot from the street. They can plan their attack and know exactly what to be aiming for.

Don't make it easier on them. Always put away your expensive appliances, laptop, jewelry, and electronics.

Tip #5: Install Surveillance Cameras

Inside the most vulnerable areas of the house, on the patio/porch, in the yard, driveway, and around the garage – all of these sensitive areas are good candidates for security cameras. The most efficient home security tips refer to the installation of monitoring systems that can give you more control and peace of mind. Opt for wireless solutions with no wires that can be cut by intruders the second they break-in.

Tip #6: Deter Burglars With Motion Sensor Lightshome security

This is another excellent home security solution that should help you keep burglars away. No thief wants to be in the spotlight when attempting to break into a house. You could opt for more expensive solutions that feature industrial-grade motion lights with 60-foot detection areas and 180 degrees side-to-side and 360 degrees up and down movement detection for bigger areas, or a smaller and less expensive solution for dark entryways. A wireless LED spotlight, for example, could offer 140 lumens of bright light that is difficult to ignore.

Tip #7: Get Periodical Security Assessments

Ensure all locks and surveillance systems are working fine and seriously consider installing a home alarm system, no matter how simple. Use expert recommendations when performing upgrades and stay up-to-date with the latest releases in the industry. Get in touch with our team and schedule periodical home security assessments to make sure everything is working in normal parameters all the time. The smallest system glitch, a drained battery you might not know about, or a fault in a door lock could lead to a disaster. Never simply assume or guess everything is alright, but rather have an expert tell it to you for sure.

Tip #8: Place Home Security Company Signs

Let passersby know your property is protected by a home alarm or that your house is being monitored by a security company, but avoid revealing the actual name of the company. You want to let potential burglars know your home is protected, but you shouldn't feed them all the information they need to overcome your system and get in more easily.

For help implementing any of these home security solutions, get in touch with 247 ASAP Locksmith, and we will send over a locksmith to assist you!

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