Security Innovations For Your Home, Office, and Vehicle

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In the last 30 years, technology has changed the way we live our lives significantly. From the way we search for information to the way, we navigate from one place to another in our vehicles. One amazing benefit of these advances is the way they have influenced security innovations. Protecting your home is no longer just a matter of securing a lock or maybe buying a watchdog. With advanced security possibilities, you have access to high tech home alarm systems, keyless home, vehicle or office entry, remote surveillance of your property, and more. Here we will discuss several technological advances that can make your life simpler, more efficient and safer.

Keyless entry options

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  • Biometric fingerprint locks: Gadgets like fingerprint touch screens or retina scanners may seem like something from a James Bond movie, but now they are actually accessible to the public and in use in many homes and offices. Biometric fingerprint locks offer the benefit of being highly customized as they will only open or lock with the touch of a certain fingerprint. You are able to program as many fingerprints as you want into the mechanism and can even program the system to record the entry and exit of specific persons. For people who need to access your building without a fingerprint, a manual backup like a code or key can be installed.
  • Coded entry: Coded entry requires usually a 4-6 digit code to open a house door, garage, storage space, or car door. These can be paired with keyed systems requiring both codes to be entered and a key turn or can function independently. Coded systems may be changed over time, providing the ease of a simple reprogram rather than a full system rekey. 
  • Card system: Card systems are most often used at businesses and can be programmed to work simultaneously as a time card system and track entry and exit of certain persons from a building. Cards can be activated or deactivated by a system administrator to deny access in the event that it is necessary. 
  • Remote locking: Remote locking is most often used for cars and homes and most notably offers ease as one simply needs to push a button rather than insert a key into a lock. While these are convenient, if stolen, they could offer very easy access to your car and home. It is usually recommended to have another form of security as a backup.

Security cameras

security cameraWhile security cameras have been used inside businesses and around parking lots for many years now, their installation has become more popular in homes in recent years as an added measure of security and a deterrent to theft. Burglars looking for homes to target will most often stray from areas that are being captured on camera. If a burglary does occur, cameras give you not only the time and entry point of the suspect but hopefully a clear view of identifying features of the suspect or their vehicle. 

Security cameras can be installed with the intention of being hidden or exposed, and also can be set to record when they sense motion, at regularly scheduled times, or always. They are a highly customizable option that becomes more affordable as usage increases.

High tech alarm systems

With advances in alarm systems, your car, home, and office are kept even safer. New technology in vehicle alarm systems engages the alarm when any sort of force is put on the vehicle or if incorrect keys or foreign objects are places in the locks. For several years now, most cars also have transponder chips that prevent cars from being started without a proper chip in the fob or remote of the car's key.

For homes and offices, systems for windows have become more sensitive and can sound the alarm if pressure is placed on the window or the widow is forced open. Buildings with coded entry or other high tech locks can have systems programmed to activate the alarm if the wrong code is entered or a foreign fingerprint is detected.

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