The Most Secure Cars On The Market

The Most Secure Cars On The Market

Some people would argue that buying a car is one of the greatest investments they made in their life, besides buying their home. Others would disagree, claiming it's not a good investment, considering how cars continuously lose their value over time and can get you killed.

But the main way to look at it is by whether it will keep you and your family safe or not. So how safe would you rate your current car? Are you planning on buying a new one in the near future? It would help you to know more about the top-rated cars in the world in terms of safety and the way they scored in official tests. The 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team has done all the work for you.

Here is a brief list of some of the safest cars that should keep you safer and bring more peace of mind. Just remember it is ultimately your duty to practice responsible driving and periodically take your car to the shop and have it tested to make sure it is running well.

The Importance Of Top-Rated Car Rating Institutions

Most Secure CarsThe Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an unbiased, nonprofit organization that aims to cut the losses associated with car crashes. The Highway Loss Data Institute shares and supports these goals by displaying scientific insurance study data expressing the specific losses that result from owning and using various makes and models of vehicles. With the help of collision avoidance testing, headlight quality testing and other specific assessments, these bodies issue tops of the safest makes and models of cars of the year.

A vehicle that has been granted the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ honor is one that is considered to be extremely safe and reliable on the road. Here are the most recent top qualifiers for these positions.

Subaru Ascent (2019)

Subaru is one of the most popular Japanese brands of vehicles thanks to the amazing features that it comes with. Its upgraded safety options have helped the model make it on the honorific list issued by the IIHS. All cars that make it on the list of the safest cars in the world need to score GOOD in passenger-side crash testing. 2019 came with a slight change in the rating – the previous requirement was “acceptable”. Subaru Ascent also ranked GOOD in headlights, which means the vehicle is excellent at providing sufficient illumination at night. Lots of today's vehicles fail to take this necessity into consideration when performing their regular car safety upgrades.

Volvo XC60

Another extremely safe car according to detailed crash testing, the Volvo XC60 has received numerous praises concerning its enhanced passenger protection features in terms of head-on crash tests, as well as regular side smash testing. The family SUV scored five stars on the Euro NCAP rating since the front and side airbags accurately protected test dummies that only suffered little impact during tests. The bulky construction of the car helped absorb most of the impact. This means passengers are less likely to suffer from whiplash problems due to the smart seatbelt technology that prevents the neck from snapping forward. Euro NCAP offers consumer information related to new car safety. It is a New Car Assessment Programme aiming to make people's cars a lot safer and more reliable on the roads.

This Volvo model scored well in the side barrier test as well as during the side pole impact testing. The vehicle offers important protection of passengers' critical body areas with the car managing to score the maximum number of points possible.

2019 Acura RDX

The freshly reinterpreted luxury SUV model comes with top-notch passenger safety features that have scored incredibly well during crash testing. The car scored GOOD inboard and headlight testing and it also received the maximum number of points for its Crash Avoidance features.

2019 Honda Pilot

This car scored higher than its previous model manufactured the previous year, which means Honda engineers are busy making excellent updates. The vehicle has received the Top Safety Pick+ rating and it scored SUPERIOR in the Crash Avoidance and Mitigation testing.

Safer Cars Ahead

From all the current vehicles that the IIHS has inspected so far, no less than twenty different manufacturers promised to fit all passenger vehicles with auto brake systems by 2022. Great news for drivers who plan on buying a new car in the following years. The 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team can help you assess the locks, keys, ignition switch and alarm on your current car and provide you with tips, guidance, and quick repairs whenever necessary. While you might not be able to invest in the safest cars in the world, you can still benefit from decent levels of security when it comes to the state of your locks and keys.

We specialize in the entire array of automobile locksmith services and we handle lockout situations and other similar roadside emergencies in all US states. Let us handle your every car lock problem with the same level of professionalism and care every time.

We constantly stay up to date with the latest developments and releases in the field of car safety and we can replace your obsolete locks with smart or electronic locks. Driving a safe car means more than making sure all passengers will suffer minimum injuries in case of a crash. It means ensuring your vehicle is well protected against potential security threats when parked while keeping you and your passengers safe while on the road.

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