All You Need To Know About Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are not only excellent deterrents for burglars, but they can also give you more peace of mind at night.

You're coming home after a tiring business trip and a long flight. The taxi drops you off into your driveway; you step out of the car, carrying two heavy bags in your hands. As you walk into the pitch-dark alley, you try to remember where you've put your keys. You suddenly hear a rustling in the rose bushes. Is it a raccoon, or a burglar waiting to make their way into your home? Your heart starts pounding fast, and a thousand thoughts now run through your head. If only you would have packed that pepper spray! You start walking faster and faster and you reach your front door and fumble for your keys. You want to get in as soon as possible and leave the thing in the bushed behind you. If you find this scenario fairly familiar, it is probably because you too are a homeowner or tenant with not motions sensor lights in the driveway, on the porch, or the front yard area. These lights are not only excellent solutions for deterring potential burglars lurking around your home at night, but they can also soothe your fears by lighting up your pathways. Dark and icy driveways and weird sounds around you are enough reasons to make you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. A motion sensor light will automatically switch on any outdoor lights. They are a cheap and simple approach to this problem and a professional locksmith can simplify installation and maintenance even more.

The Technology Behind Motion Sensors

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Motion sensors are tiny electronic components that can identify heat waves radiating from objects on the move. These waves are called infrared waves and once the motions sensor detects them, the electronic system will turn on the lights. These lights can stay on for a different period of time, depending on the settings, and it could range between one minute up to twenty minutes. At the end of this preset interval, the motion detector will shut off all the lights, and resume its movement detection work.

The field of view of these lights is up to 240 degrees, with an adjustable distance range of 70 feet on average. Quality motion sensor lights should be enabled by dogs and other animals passing by, people getting close to your home/yard/garage/driveway, passing vehicles on the road, and even leaves and other debris carried by the wind. The latter can be an inconvenience for you and your nearby neighbors. In fact, some people consider this to be such an important drawback that they refuse to have any motion sensor lights installed, to begin with. A locksmith could help easily fix this problem by changing the settings for the distance range, as well as the direction of the sensor in order to limit its field of view. You could personally handle this issue by placing tape over the sensor, but if you are not sure what to do, it is best to call a local locksmith. They can also advise you concerning the best types of adjustable distance settings you should use, and the most reliable detector units that can be aimed at different angles.

During the day, a photocell will deactivate these lights so they will not cause any extra inconvenience. It is also possible to manually manipulate the outdoor lights by flipping the switch off for a second, then turning it back on again. If you would like to have your motion lights on throughout the entire night to keep home intruders off your property, this should help you take care of the matter. To return to the original motion sensor features, you can simply double flip the switch.

Location Is Key

The locations where you will have your motion sensor lights installed will make a huge difference in their effectiveness. Focus on getting the pathways leading to your front door covered, and do the same with your driveway. If you have a desk, a patio or stairs leading to a swimming pool, you should also make sure they are well-lit at night to prevent unfortunate accidents.

If you wish to further secure your home with the help of a motion sensor light, you should take things one step further and cover your fence gate, trees and bushes, and any other inconspicuous areas of your yard where potential burglars might hide in anticipation of their great entry. While the lights themselves might not be able to physically stop an intruder from breaking into your home, they will do a decent job of keeping most of them away. No crook wants to be thrown into the spotlight by a blinding motion sensor light in the middle of a break-in attempt.

For ideal results, get in touch with our team of expert locksmiths and let us install the best motion sensors 6 to 10 feet above the ground. This way, you will get better coverage of the most sensitive areas you would like to shine light upon at night. Remote units can also be mounted at a fair distance from the light sources. While these units come with low-voltage wires that should not pose any risks, it might be better to let the installation and aiming/presetting process into the hands of skilled technicians who know exactly what they are doing.

Shops, office buildings, warehouses, and government buildings can all benefit from the same benefits of motion sensor lights. Commercial locksmiths can handle the step-by-step installation hassle-free. Keep in mind that while the installation is not difficult, working with tall or large areas that need full coverage and old electrical boxes might get tricky for a DIY project.

A professional locksmith will help you mount motion sensor lights and fit, fix, or re-key commercial-grade locks on both residential and commercial buildings to enhance protection. Get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment for more peace of mind!

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