Security Issues When Buying An Older Home

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Buying an old home means getting ready to handle several security issues with the locks and other safety devices. Here are a few top solutions we have for you

While old homes have their own charm and appeal that makes so many people fall in love with them, they do come with their fair share of flaws. Some of them will cause the new owners to confront a series of inconveniences related to their comfort and convenience, while others will jeopardize the physical safety and integrity of the new dwellers. Most construction materials used for building these homes are usually high-quality. But a beautiful lock that was fitted on a vintage front door a few decades ago cannot withstand today's burglary attempts.

Today we are going to tell you what to do to handle the security lapses that characterize older homes for your well-being and personal protection. If you are now on the verge of buying an old home, or you have already sealed the deal and you never took the time to upgrade the locks, we strongly advise you to get in touch with 24/7 ASAP Locksmith experts. If you are trying to determine what security issues your home is dealing with, these next few lines will guide you toward a clearer view. 

Common Safety Matters With Old Homes

Weakened Window Frames

Windows are not only the eyes to the house, but they are also one of the preferred entryways a lot of burglars use for their enhanced vulnerability. Ground-floor windows with damp and weak frames and no locks or safety bars on them are ideal for opportunist home burglars in the neighborhood. Besides having to completely replace all damaged frames, you may also consider replacing your thin glass windows with casement windows that require a hand-operated crank in order to be opened from the inside. They are difficult to break and provide some of the best results.

casement windowMetal casement windows, on the other hand, are subject to rust and improper maintenance will weaken their sturdiness. Correct installation is mandatory. People oftentimes add a sliding chain lock across the window opening. At times, completely replacing the frame is the better option.

Sliding and double-hung windows also make for good alternatives in case you are advised to replace the old locks on your new vintage home.

If you have operable windows to work with, you should consider installing keyed locks or cam-action locks for extra protection. Whether they rely on keys or powerful latches, these solutions can keep intruders at bay. Swivel-action locks are better for double hung windows and they also rely on latches that are swiveled from one side to the other to move the snib and operate the lock. Lag screws can also be placed above the lower sash, even though they can be easily knocked out of place with a shove, so they are not the best option.

An expert locksmith for homes should recommend the ideal lock solutions for your windows and put them in practice for you.

Broken or Worn-Out Entryway Locks

These are other common issues with older homes. Have a residential locksmith in your area assess all the locks on your exterior doors and tell you which ones need re-keying and which ones you should replace with better versions.

Deadbolt locksets are some of the best solutions you are advised to use as they add extra sturdiness to any door.

You could also opt for a wireless lock you will be able to control with the help of your smartphone via Bluetooth or even consider fingerprint or keypad locks.

An old home can easily be transformed into a smart one and having smart locks fitted will keep more potential burglars away.

Hire the service of a reliable and authorized locksmith like the technicians on our team and have them assess your home and fit the best locks within your budget.

Old Garage Doors

These are also on the same list of security issues specific to older homes. Strengthen security on it by having it serviced. See if the garage door remote needs a change of batteries and if all springs are working in good condition. You can also replace the entire door or just the hardware.

A garage door side lock that features a zinc-plated steel lock and springs that have latch bolt release levers could be a wise choice for your old garage. You can also look for garage door locks that come with an exterior T handle and key cylinders that can also be used together with keyed locking handles.

If your garage connects with your home through an auxiliary door, you have every reason to want to secure the garage, as well as this connecting door.

Old Wiring And Outdated Alarms

An out-of-date control panel that has not been upgraded in a long time will put your security at risk, as you will not receive any alerts on time. Old wiring that might have cracked over the years could send false alarms or no alarms at all.

Vintage homes usually have wired landlines that are easy to be tampered by burglars. You may want to replace an old wired alarm system with a wireless one. The prices have dropped significantly in the last few years and it is now a lot more affordable to benefit from top security solutions without spending an arm and leg on it.

Plus, it is highly likely that an alarm in an old home does not comply with the current state and federal laws and standards, so you may be legally asked to have them replaced. Opt for wireless systems featuring smart lights for each of your exterior doors for the best results.

For help with all your security-related needs, contact 247 ASAP Locksmiths today! Our technicians are reliable, local and stay up to date on all the latest trends in home security. 

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