Keeping Your Garage Secure

An improperly secured garage could lead to a break-in or vandalism problems. Here are some clever tips to keep your garage safe 24/7. 

garage securityWhen planning to upgrade or assess the security of their homes, most people tend to ignore garage safety. Unfortunately, the garage is one of the greatest security vulnerabilities around a house. Since it houses cars, motorcycles, expensive power tools, lawnmowers, or collection items, the garage is highly appealing to neighborhood thieves. Plus, once a burglar manages to find his way inside a garage, it is not uncommon for them to use the door separating the house from the garage to make their way into your home.

Luckily, there are prevention measures you could use to beef up security in your garage. Below we are going to reveal a few of the most effective tips for keeping your garage better protected against threats. Remember to contact our emergency service for any garage lockout situation. Our mobile nearby teams are ready to assist you on the spot. Our fast response time allows us to reach any location within 20 to 30 minutes from giving us a call. We know speed is of the essence when it comes to lock and key emergencies, so you can rely on us to get to you on time and help you resume your activity in no time.

Have A Locksmith Assess Security On Your Garage

The 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team specializes in security assessments for homes, vehicles, and commercial spaces. We are well-trained, experienced, and have witnessed a great variety of security vulnerabilities over the years. We know what are thieves' preferred garage and home break-in points, and which are the least secure areas of a garage/types of locks. We can immediately identify any kind of small glitches or severe problems with a lock mechanism, an alarm, or a key.

If your garage security system is connected to your home alarm, and you are currently unable to use it, we will have the problem diagnosed in no time. Since such a system is your best line of defense against burglars and vandals, you should make sure it is working flawlessly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Having someone attempt to access your garage without your consent when this system is armed means sounding the alarm and sending an alert to nearby emergency services. Any problem with this system will give the green lights to a crook and help them take off with your valuable garage items seamlessly.

A professional locksmith will accurately assess the security system on your garage, evaluate the state of your current garage door opener and alarm and determine the most suitable repairs/solutions. You may be advised to upgrade the security system in your garage. Make sure you have a budget prepared for it.

Strengthen Security On Your Garage Door

The door on your garage should be sturdy enough to withhold break-in attempts, the force of natural elements, and other types of specific threats, including cars, accidentally smashing against it during failed parking attempts. The garage door opener should be high-quality and constantly maintained. A heavy-duty chain drive garage door opener makes for an excellent choice as it features safety sensors and relies on secure codes. The sensors will protect people and cars by preventing the door from closing on an obstruction. The forced opening relies on an electronic system that will keep you protected against any forced opening attempt. The secure code technology will send a safe code to the opener every time, so there is no risk for the door to open on its own, out of the blue, and cause a potential tragedy.

The more advanced and sturdy your garage door opener is, the more protection you should benefit from. Do some research on the best-rated door openers on the market, or pick the brain of an expert locksmith and have your system be fitted by a pro.

Secure the door separating your garage from your home with high-security locks. Deadbolt locks, multiple locks, padlocks, keyless or keycard locks and locks featuring programmable entry codes are excellent solutions. Have a home locksmith recommend the most efficient solutions and ask them to implement them as well. An improperly installed garage door lock will jeopardize the safety of your garage, as well as your home.

Opt for doors made of solid wood, fiberglass, or metal for best results.

Cover Your Windows

Install safety bars or grills on your garage windows and prevent burglars from making their way in through there. Use blinds and curtains to keep the windows covered. The last thing you want is for a potential burglar to window shop into your garage and figure out what items it is worth breaking in for.

You can also consider using opaque film to the window and keep curious eyes away while letting natural light in.

Have a locksmith install a sensor alarm or a small-keyed lock on your garage windows for enhanced protection. Maintain the locks by having them inspected by a professional lock technician every six months or so.

Upgrade Your Sensor Lights

Upgrade your light fixtures and add motion sensor lights to the area in and around the garage. While your current security system might feature its own sensor lights, you are advised to have some additional ones added to the premises for better results.

Remember never to leave the garage remote in the car, even if the car is already parked in the garage. Use timers to make sure the door on your garage closes itself after a pre-set amount of time.

For any type of door lock emergency, get in touch with us and we will send over a fast and reliable technician. Call 24/7 ASAP Locksmith today!

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