Different Types of Locks: Choose The Best One!

types of locks

Looking to replace your locks? There are several different types of locks available on the market. From deadbolts to keyless locks; find the one that suits your needs and budget.

For decades, locks and keys have protected houses and valuables. With a rise in burglary incidences, it has become imperative to safeguard our homes and valuable possessions with the help of secure lock and key systems.  Therefore, lock manufacturing companies have come up with advanced types of locks as an effective alternative to the traditional lock.

You will find several types of locks including electronic security systems that offer you the best security. Let’s have a look at a few of the main types that you will be able to easily find on the market today!


Also referred to as deadlocks, these tend to offer maximum security to any door. It is called a deadbolt because this lock does not contain any springs or machinery that would operate the lock. It has a cylinder for the key on the outside of the door. The lock is operated manually by hand and requires you to glide one component into the frame itself.

Just like with other locks, it is also available in more than one type, such as a single cylinder or double cylinder. Double cylinder deadbolts can be complicated during emergencies, and therefore are generally used on doors with glass panels or glass doors. Single-cylinder locks can be safely used on metal or solid wood doors.

Mortise Lock

mortise lock

Mortise locks are often used by businesses because they are powerful and can secure front doors properly. These locks can also be used on glass doors and apartment doors. They are screwed into hardware at the center of the door and installed in place with the help of a set screw and a cam, which creates the locking mechanism.

Mortise locks are available in both a simple and advanced version. They usually include an internal system that strengthens them. They have a cylindrical body, are threaded and use a mortise mechanism installed within the door. The cylinder section comes in a variety of heights and lengths for diverse kinds of doors.


These are the simplest kind of locks that are actually not connected to anything else. Padlocks are available in many sizes. They are portable, free-hanging and the oldest types of locks and are offered in two main types- combination and keyed.

Combination padlocks include one or more number dials that open the lock after the right combination is entered. There are rekeyable and non-rekeyable padlocks as well. Non-rekeyable padlocks are those on which you cannot change the key that unlocks it. There are also key-retaining and non-key-retaining padlocks and you cannot remove the key when the key-retaining padlock is open.


These are also referred to as secondary locks and are a great alternative for both business and home doors with a feature that automatically locks once the door is closed. There are two types – standard night latches and deadlocking night latches. The standard version mechanically locks the door until you utilize the snib to keep the latch back. Deadlocking night latches are more complicated and secure because the door locks automatically, you need a key to open the door from the inside and out.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are commonly used on the internal doors of businesses and make use of a lever that swings up or down to unlock the door. They come equipped with a key cylinder and a knob. Because they are easy to use, this is the perfect lock to be installed in commercial places and areas for handicapped access.

Panic Bars

You can install panic bars in your business in order to keep them safe. They are equipped with metal bars loaded with spring and are installed easily so you will be able to conveniently open your door from the inside while others cannot open it from the outside. If you have a business with a glass door, you should consider getting this lock for its convenience as well as safety.

Cam Locks

These are different types of latch locks that are often installed in lockboxes, filing cabinets, and deposit containers. Cam locks are the simplest types of locks compared to others and they need a key to rotate a cam, which helps lock and unlock.

Knob Locks

These are the popular types of locks that you will find in homes, particularly on internal doors such as bathrooms and bedrooms. They are also installed on front doors along with another secure lock, such as a deadbolt.

Doorknob locks are simple and convenient; however, they should only be installed on the inner side of doors because they can easily be broken with basic tools such as a wrench or hammer. If you need them on your front door, make sure to couple it with another stronger lock.

The Best Lock Brands on the Market

Expert locksmiths recommend that you use a jimmy-proof lock, Mul-T-Lock or Medeco. A more secure deadbolt is the Schlage deadbolt lock series, which will easily and securely protect your home from lock kick-ins, picking or bumping. These locks are installed easily and are equipped with Snap-N-Stay technology.

Keep Your Possessions and Family Safe With the Best Locks!

There are various other types of security locks available that you can use to secure your home and business.

If you are worried about anyone breaking in, make sure to choose the best brands of locks. Just take a look at the different types of security locks available on the market and pick the one that you consider to be the most effective for safeguarding your home and business from burglars!

Don’t ignore the safety and well-being of your home and family, get the best locks and security systems in your home and business today. For more information, or for help choosing and installing locks on your home or business contact 24/7 ASAP Locksmith today!

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