The Surprising Pitfalls Of Windowed Doors

the perils of windowed-doors

Want to have a windowed door installed in your home? Find out what are the most surprising security risks you could be facing and what are the best prevention methods you can take so it doesn't happen to you.

Why Windowed Doors?

  • For starters, windowed doors have increased in popularity during recent years thanks to their excellent versatility. These doors do not only serve the purpose of letting more natural light into your home (with its amazing effects on your health and well-being), but they also complete any modern décor thanks to their spectacular aesthetics.
  • Glass doors are found in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so they can match perfectly to any décor. You could opt for a sliding glass door for more convenience, especially if you have pets and young children who like to play in the front or backyard every day, or a glass patio door for a more romantic look. Though a wooden-framed glass door has a certain appeal to it that lots of homeowners prefer.
  • Windowed doors can also serve the purpose of bringing together the living room with your dining area.
  • These doors are also good insect repellents, as they do a great job of keeping the nasty pests away.

Not Sure If A Windowed Door Is A Good Idea?

windowed doorsYou wouldn't be the only one. Despite their numerous advantages and benefits, these doors do come with their set of drawbacks, disadvantages, and risks. Some would claim the list of cons is longer than the list of pros. Let's take a look at a few of the most common arguments used by people who are against the use of sliding doors made of glass.

They Don't Do Well In Extreme Weather

If you live in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana or other states hit by hurricanes and extreme weather phenomenons, you have a first good reason not to have a glass door installed in your home. Unfortunately, these doors are known not to handle big storms, heavy snowfall or powerful winds well. The risk of them shattering when subjected to very high or low temperatures will make them impossible to use in such areas.

They Come At A (Big) Price

A windowed door can be pricier than a high-security door because of its components. Skimping on the quality of the glass means risking to deal with lots of repair and replacement issues in the future. If you are willing to pay the high price tag, keep in mind there is no real guarantee that you will not eventually deal with a broken glass problem that will cost a few hundred dollars in terms of repairs.

Extra Maintenance

If your regular patio door didn't require much maintenance, to begin with, be prepared to use all the elbow grease you can get. We are talking about having to constantly deal with fingerprint and water stains, dust, dirt streaks, dead insects splashing onto the door and anything else that might reach the surface of the door. If you have dogs who love to lick anything they can lay their eyes on and small children who love to finger-paint all surfaces around the house, be prepared for some extra hassle.

Plus, keep in mind the frames these doors come with also require proper maintenance and cleaning. Dust, dirt, and warping could all lead to your inability to effectively open and close the door. The wear-out factor is also worth considering here as well. Keep in mind that the smallest accident that leads to a crack in the glass will require you to take immediate action and have the door replaced or risk an injury.

Higher Security Risks

While it is possible to install locks to a windowed or glass door, the truth is these security features are not as safe compared to latches that need to be drilled into wooden doors. The glass component is, needless to say, the one responsible for this particular flaw in these doors. Since you cannot fit the desired locks or latches on a French or wooden patio door, you will need to take some additional precautionary measures to keep potential burglars and intruders away. Get in touch with an expert locksmith to find out what are your exact alternatives in terms of glass door security and additional home protection solutions.

Glass doors also enable passers-by to easily sneak a peek inside your home and what paintings, laptops, smart TVs or expensive Oriental rugs you may own and plan a future attack.

How To Secure A Glass Door

An authorized lock technician should be able to easily assess your windowed door and tell you what are the most suitable security solutions within your budget. You could be advised toward using a double-bolt lock, a night lock for your patio door or a smart lock that relies on fingerprint or keypad access.

You could also opt for curtains and drapes that will not let any prying eyes do an inventory of your prized possessions from a distance.

Bottom Line

Modern-day glass doors come with good thermal insulation features and motorized blinds that can be easily controlled or even connected to your smart home system. They can make any décor more interesting, they let natural light get in and the sliding tracks cut the risk of damaging any bulky items you may need to move in and out of your house.

However, the higher security risk and the extra maintenance work make glass doors into a bad choice for most homeowners. If you do decide to have such a door fitted into your home, the 24/7 ASAP Locksmith team is here to assist you.


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